Confessions, p.6 – GOD the Father, I am GOD?

Psychologist have told us that children develop their concepts of GOD from seeing how their own fathers are. It sounded interesting hearing it from CHristian educators, but in my short life thus far, in a sample size of two, it is true, true. Both of my friends have fathers they never knew, and so they both developed Agnostic religious view. One of them is my son, who I’ve not known, but hope to – to a degree. Seems so. But I’m not sure.

GOD is sovereign, and His Will is always done, maybe not perfectly, but GOD is the Power and is irresistable. I do not accept that I am a god ‘substitute’, no matter what GOD is Who He is, and is always in charge. Children, in my humble opinion, may do better if they are taught that they are unique creatures. The role of the father is to help the son grow into who GOD wants Him to be. Another role of the father, I believe, is to help the son realize that GOD is the true FATHER, and everything comes from Him and exists for Jesus. The sooner the son can develop a real relationship with the FATHER, through Jesus Christ, the better. Help the son see GOD all around.

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