Study of Jeremiah 13:12-14

Pls see the above verse. What are your thoughts? Let’s keep in mind wineskins are us. People are ‘wineskins’, says the LORD. So at a practical level, wine is good for us, if we want to drink. But what does wine really represent? It represent joy. We should be happy people, and not let things get us down. How’s that done? By practicing patience, understanding, and contentment. Contentment is a big one. One that I still struggle with. Holy Spirit is also characterized by wine, wine points to the Holy Spirit of the One True GOD as the only way to TRUE HAPPINESS or joy. How do we now receive the Holy Spirit? The Spirit is a Gift from above, as a promise of inheritance. It is a sign and a seal. Or HE or SHE, depends. One only becomes family or a son of GOD through Jesus Christ. You must go to Him and ask for the forgiveness of sins, which He holds among All. It is an ongoing process. Next, submit to Him your everything, that could that a while.

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