Taking A Break

I’m taking a break, feeling rather unqualified to speak, so to speak. Be back soon.

The Smart Person Believes in GOD

Why I say? Who made everything? Did it all self-assemble into extremely, extremely complex structures by itself? Impossible. You deny GOD because of injustice in your life. GOD is justice and has already chastised the guilty. GOD is fair, you just lack the vision, proper understanding of life. If you believe, and have asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins, you may go boldly forth into the prescence of the LORD and call Him, “Daddy”.

Why is it smart to believe? Who is GOD? He is everything? If you want money, He has all of it. If you want honor, He has all of it? Everything good you may desire, He is the totality of it all. It’s all in His hands. You don’t want to know this Person? You’d want to know Bill Gates, or Brad Pitt, or John Cena, or Jessica Alba, and you wouldn’t want to know the Person who created all these and gave them everything they are? You can know this Great KING, and when you are done with things, He continues to bless with other types of blessings, spiritual ones.

To Go Beyond Relidion, EReligion

Church, it’s often where, mostly ladies, go to a beautiful building, sing beautiful songs, pray and hear the teaching of the Bible. But these activities can get repetitive and become the core of a Christian’s religious activity.

But, as we’ve seen in the Bible. If you haven’t look it up in biblegateway.com. True religion is taking care of one’s family, keeping your tongue from talking crazy, helping those less fortunate than you. Too often, we become a walking, talking billboard for the singing, praying, and Bible teaching – which is church. Any wonder why the ‘unchurched’ are turned off by this? Because most people are not into either the type of activities or style of activities, or style of people or culture of the people @ church. Everyone wants to get close to GOD, but not always doing it your way.

As Christians what are we called to do? Actually GOD’s standard for us is very high. But the one that people always cite is ‘go and make disciples of all nations’. So, straightforwardly, they start Bible study groups to feed in the church. But does the function of the Christian always have to be to pack people into the church so the church can get more donations? Maybe that’s not really the intention, but that’s how ‘devout’ Christians come off to regular folk. Christians often turne off people because, how do I say this gently, they are often overbearing. They think when they start to ‘mentor’ someone, that they become spiritual master over them. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Just help people, simply put. People can also learn from your example, when they see you. Just a few seconds of watching you help someone, doing other good deeds will ‘teach’ someone, anyone who is watching you. And the whole world, universe is watching.

A valid criticism of Christian culture is that many are lazy and unwilling to support themselves. How are we to win people over if we can’t do what they are doing and more! People listen to and submit to those they perceive as ‘better’ than themselves and/or people that have invested into them. We must create our foundations and build, build so we have something substantial to share with others. Then you ‘slip’ them the gospel. *sarcasm* I’ve heard that many times and it is misleadingly put. To me, the gospel is not something you slip into their drink or anything. The gospel is the Holy Spirit of GOD. It is not one, any message. But the very Spirit of GOD you share with people around you, because you have it.

Mary Magdelene, the beloved of Christ?

We’ve all seen the ‘Da Vinci Code’ and heard it’s outrageous claims about Christ and Mary Magdalene. But lovers of women will find those claims very nice and quite decent actually. Just some thoughts. If Christ is the King, wouldn’t it be a shame if He died without a bride, without children as a normal person would have? I’ve read that Mary was heaven sent as well, and maybe She was/is His Eternal consort/wife. If the ‘Jews’ knew who she was, wouldn’t they have killed her as well? Some said she was a prostitute having seven demons cast out of her. But, some others say Jesus Christ saved her from being attacked by seven demon possessed people. Difference there. I’ll stop there, since I’m free-thinking and should be careful. Thank you,

Hebrews 4 or the Sabbath, p.1

Workaholics, please take note. This chapter is for you. It seems the Sabbath rest, although not deemed a great commandment, nevertheless is a commandment, is very important.

Commandments are to be obeyed, period. Although the Sabbath rest does not seem as bad as murder or adultery, it is actually higher on the list, and should be kept, religiously. But, I don’t need rest. GOD said so, DO IT.

But what about Jesus not resting on the Sabbath? Well, that was/is a special case. He is the LORD of the Sabbath and not bound by anything. More on the Sabbath later,

Where is Heaven, the Fourth Dimension?

Is Heaven up? When we learned the earth is round, up then became outward. So is Heaven out there somewhere? Where is it?

I believe that GOD talks to us in ways that we can understand, given our understanding. Now that we, as a people, have greater collective understanding, we younguns must not be afraid, but be bold and be THE PRIESTS that GOD calls us to be. The Bible, the book, is not the living Word of GOD. The WORD is GOD himself, a living, flowing Spirit. To reach our generation, we must use the language and ideas of the present. That is why GOD always uses and needs prophets of the time. NOT just the BOOK. NOT.

So where do I think Heaven is? It is all around us. My idea, and it is just an idea or theory, is that it is ‘interwoven’ into the fabric of the material Universe. We’ve learned through Science that matter is made of molecules and atoms, most of which consist of empty space. “Outer Space” consists mostly of ‘dead space’. This ‘ether’ may be a heavenly space or where spirits can move. It may be thought of as a medium. When you’re spirit is free, it can roam this space very quickly and easily. Just some thoughts.