Where is Heaven, the Fourth Dimension?

Is Heaven up? When we learned the earth is round, up then became outward. So is Heaven out there somewhere? Where is it?

I believe that GOD talks to us in ways that we can understand, given our understanding. Now that we, as a people, have greater collective understanding, we younguns must not be afraid, but be bold and be THE PRIESTS that GOD calls us to be. The Bible, the book, is not the living Word of GOD. The WORD is GOD himself, a living, flowing Spirit. To reach our generation, we must use the language and ideas of the present. That is why GOD always uses and needs prophets of the time. NOT just the BOOK. NOT.

So where do I think Heaven is? It is all around us. My idea, and it is just an idea or theory, is that it is ‘interwoven’ into the fabric of the material Universe. We’ve learned through Science that matter is made of molecules and atoms, most of which consist of empty space. “Outer Space” consists mostly of ‘dead space’. This ‘ether’ may be a heavenly space or where spirits can move. It may be thought of as a medium. When you’re spirit is free, it can roam this space very quickly and easily. Just some thoughts.

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