The BIG GOD Series -= Gideon’s Fleece

We serve and believe in a BIG GOD. According to Scripture, the HIGH FATHER is bigger than the universe, which compared to us is well, infinite. So, why do we worry about small things like, how will I pay my rent? Dark humour, I know. But it’s true. When your faith is big enough, you will see with me that all things are in His Hands. Money is not security. You could have it all, and it could all be wiped out in a heartbeat in the wrong circumstances.

GOD is our Father, willing to provide directions for our lives. Actually, we really have no choice but to go forward. He has created this thing called life and time, and we have options to go left or right, but the infinite path is created already and is still ever expanding. But rest assured, he will always find ways to make things good for you even if you fall or make the wrong choice.

Gideon asked GOD for direction actually a sign that it was He that he was talking with. GOD didn’t mind ‘proving’ himself. After all, I believe GOD thought Gideon was wise to ask for confirmation. The funny thing is GOD is a really cool guy. But it seems when it is important to do as He says, He will make you submit. He did to me, and I have the scars to prove it.

Do I resent my encounter with the Sovereign LORD? No. Because now I see that I was wrong. I was going the wrong way, doing the wrong things, especially for a child of GOD. I’am not perfect, and sometimes I still freak out or go wild. But, that’s normal and my daddy expects it, after He knows all.

LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, NOT THE WAY YOU THINK. MANY THINGS ARE as THEY ARE. Even ‘evil’ as we know it, may not be as we see. What we call evil actually serves His purposes, and in that sense are they really evil?

Why Be FAT?

Yeah, I said it. There ARE benefits to having some fat on the body. One, from my newly found survivor-ist sensibilities is: you can go without food and/or water for a little while, because it is stored up. If some holocaust or disaster would happen, having some fat on the body could help someone. It could be the difference between life and death. There are businesses reasons why someone should have a perfect ’10’ body. It is mostly for image. I’m still too fat and I’m getting there. But, my ideal body weight wouldn’t be one where I’m totally ‘ripped’. I’ve read a healthy body fat percentage is around 10-12%. Most fitness athletes strive for 4-7%, that’s really good, but not for me.