The LORD delights,

How easy is to do word studies:

Tried “LORD delights”: You try – what do you find? We see that the LORD delights in:
1) those who trust Him
2) those who fear Him
3) those who serve Him
4) His sons
5) those who are blameless
6) those who are trustworthy

So basically, it’s about CHARACTER (hold on…). This is going to be harsh for a New Year’s Post, but if you want to please the LORD = it’s not about singing, praying, reading Bible, giving as MUCH as it is being His son. It is reflecting WHO GOD is and that means having Godly characte r – but not just being godly, it’s also trusting in Him, knowing Him in a real relationship. Hope that makes sense. GOD is real, get to know Him, get to know His story, get to know His character, His Ways, His Laws, His Spirit, His Son. I think that’s a start. All you need is Him. I’m just pointing the Way. GOD is Yahweh, GOD Almighty and His Son, Yeshua or Jesus Christ, Son of David.

My New Year’s Resolution 2011, My New Year’s Wish of Wishes

Dear GOD,

I’ve prayed to you many times before to help me be a better, kinder husband to my wife. I give up and know that when it comes to power. When it comes to change, I am powerless. I am nothing. It is my heart of hearts to be good to my wife. Even though she is difficult at times, I know that only through my goodness and kindess, consistent goodness and kindness, will she begin to change and perhaps change for the good. So, before where I’ve derided seemingly ‘whipped’ guys for allowing their women to ‘run all over them’. I now understand. I choose to be ‘humiliated’ and ’emasculated’, not really. It takes strength and love to sacrifice for her sake, I know. So, this mushy letter is my written plea to You. Please, please, please help me to change. Help me to be kind when it is not time to be kind. Help me to speak softly when there is shouting and screaming around me. Help me to suffer inside when I see meanness and injustice in front of me. Because I cannot go on perpetuating and enabling the hurt and sadness in the home. It stops here. I’ll take it. Help me to take it.

On the flipside of that, help me to also KICKASS when I see REAL threats to my family. Help me to stand and never let anyone take my family again, unless it is your WILL.

Jesus help me,

Confessions Again, Sins of My Fathers p.1

I believe that no one culture has it all. That’s why GOD ‘divided us’ in this way, that we would learn from each other, maybe depend on each other, maybe love each other?

Today, I’d like to confess the sin of adultery within the Chinese community. Actually, it is normal. But, not normal for a child of GOD. If you have broken faith with your husband or wife, it is a sin that if you have genuinely repented of, and will not do again, then you are on your way to forgiveness and total victory over that. That includes GOD throwing that into a fathomless sea and never remember it again. Gone.

I’m not trying to single out my own culture, for every culture where there are great men, often have multiple women. I’m confessing that Chinese men, are not unlike every other culture, in that they too like to have many women.

I myself have decided against this. I have told my wife that I believe the Biblical standard is to have one wife or one husband. Yes, only. Ha-ha. The reason? There are many practical reasons, but the main reason is that the LORD Jesus said this to be true. As I get older, maybe wiser, the man-woman thing gets more complicated. I gain greater understanding of GOD’s law and the schemes of the enemy. I learned from my wife, she’s more Chinese than me, that many, many Chinese men have mistresses. Some women because of what life has thrown at them often decide that they can be no more than someone’s mistress.

The Sixth Sense or Sight?

Remember Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense? The movie where a boy could see ghosts and the narrator or investigator of the story ended up being a ghost himself? Creepy yet thought provoking. But, we see that this is a reality. Where? In the Bible. King David in 2 Samuel 24, sees the Angel of the Plague stop at the threshing floor. It is this ‘vision’ that confirms within him with the prophecy from Gad that he has to sacrifice to the LORD at that spot; so he buys it. Then the plague stops.

Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain? The supernatural, I mean? Many, many of us have. I have. I’ve seen a lot of stuff actually, you’ll never believe me if I told you. My mom, a long-time, faithful follower of the LORD Jesus Christ has met people who have seen. She herself could have seen, but asked the LORD not to show her. She does not want to see, so the LORD being the gentleman that He is, I’m thinking, spared her this. Thank GOD.

One story I recall, was that the Chinese church elders were called to Ghost Bust. Ha-ha. Funny but true. A well-known building in Agana Bay once had some paranormal activity going on the upper floors. So, the Chinese pastor, armed with a Bible, along with a few faithful, including my mom went to “gwa gui”, chase off evil spirits.

Have you ever seen an angel? I mean really seen one in it’s glory? If so, let us know. Some one who came through this blog, saw her guardian angel. There have been people I’ve met, that I’ve had a feeling about, that they were not quite who they were. I met a homeless man once that I’m quite sure was an angel of the LORD.

So, does that make the seer (I get that word now), really special? Well, we’re all special to the LORD. But, when one sees or hears, I think, we just have to do our job and let someone know what that was. What we see or hear may be able to help someone. That’s all. It doesn’t mean we’re holier or any more special than some else. That’s just what we can do, or have received from the LORD. Just doing our job, is all. Haley Joel Osment’s character in the movie, probably got used to the sights eventually. Once he reach the maturity to know that what he saw was ghosts of people unjustly murdered, he then had the responsibility to report what he saw to the authorities so that justice could be served. Also, like the character of Keanu Reeves in the movie Constantine. His purpose for seeing was to be a demon-hunter or spirit cop; CRAZY. That would be a really crazy job; for who knows what to do when faced with heavenly beings.

Peace all, remember our LORD Jesus this season. He gave His all so that we might live. Love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

What I’m Thankful For, LATE

I was supposed to go to church with my folks and give a heart-wrenching and moving talk to the congregation on Thanksgiving, but I missed the boat. So, here on the web, I’ll do the re-do. What I’m most thankful for is GOD then my parents and a c..l…o..s…e third is my wife, although I predict that order will change, after all we’ve only been married three years. But she’s surging forward, coming strong. You go honey!

I’m thankful that GOD searched me out. I thought I was entirely out of His sphere, when he came knocking on my head/brain. Drove me crazy! In 2001, in Los Angeles, I did the cowardly, unthinkable thing of trying to take my life. That was very, very wrong as I said many times and cannot ever tire of repeating. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. But GOD saves and He saved me from certain death. I was broken, beaten, and almost dead. My parents were there to witness this, for what reason I’m still unknowning. I’m sorry. But, now 9 years later, the LORD has put me together better than ever. I am whole and happy, His Spirit lives within me. Life is not easy, because I mess up a lot and so He disciplines. And that’s ok. He does it b/c He loves me/us. This is no literary masterpiece, but the truth. I can’t really complain. GOD takes care of us all. His Will be done, He is always fair always just and right. I like talking and prayin’ with Him, and seeing what fun things/adventures We can have.

Sometimes life seems boring. But downtime is good too. If you are reading along, all I can say is ‘thank you’.