What I’m Thankful For, LATE

I was supposed to go to church with my folks and give a heart-wrenching and moving talk to the congregation on Thanksgiving, but I missed the boat. So, here on the web, I’ll do the re-do. What I’m most thankful for is GOD then my parents and a c..l…o..s…e third is my wife, although I predict that order will change, after all we’ve only been married three years. But she’s surging forward, coming strong. You go honey!

I’m thankful that GOD searched me out. I thought I was entirely out of His sphere, when he came knocking on my head/brain. Drove me crazy! In 2001, in Los Angeles, I did the cowardly, unthinkable thing of trying to take my life. That was very, very wrong as I said many times and cannot ever tire of repeating. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. But GOD saves and He saved me from certain death. I was broken, beaten, and almost dead. My parents were there to witness this, for what reason I’m still unknowning. I’m sorry. But, now 9 years later, the LORD has put me together better than ever. I am whole and happy, His Spirit lives within me. Life is not easy, because I mess up a lot and so He disciplines. And that’s ok. He does it b/c He loves me/us. This is no literary masterpiece, but the truth. I can’t really complain. GOD takes care of us all. His Will be done, He is always fair always just and right. I like talking and prayin’ with Him, and seeing what fun things/adventures We can have.

Sometimes life seems boring. But downtime is good too. If you are reading along, all I can say is ‘thank you’.

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