Confessions Again, Sins of My Fathers p.1

I believe that no one culture has it all. That’s why GOD ‘divided us’ in this way, that we would learn from each other, maybe depend on each other, maybe love each other?

Today, I’d like to confess the sin of adultery within the Chinese community. Actually, it is normal. But, not normal for a child of GOD. If you have broken faith with your husband or wife, it is a sin that if you have genuinely repented of, and will not do again, then you are on your way to forgiveness and total victory over that. That includes GOD throwing that into a fathomless sea and never remember it again. Gone.

I’m not trying to single out my own culture, for every culture where there are great men, often have multiple women. I’m confessing that Chinese men, are not unlike every other culture, in that they too like to have many women.

I myself have decided against this. I have told my wife that I believe the Biblical standard is to have one wife or one husband. Yes, only. Ha-ha. The reason? There are many practical reasons, but the main reason is that the LORD Jesus said this to be true. As I get older, maybe wiser, the man-woman thing gets more complicated. I gain greater understanding of GOD’s law and the schemes of the enemy. I learned from my wife, she’s more Chinese than me, that many, many Chinese men have mistresses. Some women because of what life has thrown at them often decide that they can be no more than someone’s mistress.

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