The Sixth Sense or Sight?

Remember Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense? The movie where a boy could see ghosts and the narrator or investigator of the story ended up being a ghost himself? Creepy yet thought provoking. But, we see that this is a reality. Where? In the Bible. King David in 2 Samuel 24, sees the Angel of the Plague stop at the threshing floor. It is this ‘vision’ that confirms within him with the prophecy from Gad that he has to sacrifice to the LORD at that spot; so he buys it. Then the plague stops.

Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain? The supernatural, I mean? Many, many of us have. I have. I’ve seen a lot of stuff actually, you’ll never believe me if I told you. My mom, a long-time, faithful follower of the LORD Jesus Christ has met people who have seen. She herself could have seen, but asked the LORD not to show her. She does not want to see, so the LORD being the gentleman that He is, I’m thinking, spared her this. Thank GOD.

One story I recall, was that the Chinese church elders were called to Ghost Bust. Ha-ha. Funny but true. A well-known building in Agana Bay once had some paranormal activity going on the upper floors. So, the Chinese pastor, armed with a Bible, along with a few faithful, including my mom went to “gwa gui”, chase off evil spirits.

Have you ever seen an angel? I mean really seen one in it’s glory? If so, let us know. Some one who came through this blog, saw her guardian angel. There have been people I’ve met, that I’ve had a feeling about, that they were not quite who they were. I met a homeless man once that I’m quite sure was an angel of the LORD.

So, does that make the seer (I get that word now), really special? Well, we’re all special to the LORD. But, when one sees or hears, I think, we just have to do our job and let someone know what that was. What we see or hear may be able to help someone. That’s all. It doesn’t mean we’re holier or any more special than some else. That’s just what we can do, or have received from the LORD. Just doing our job, is all. Haley Joel Osment’s character in the movie, probably got used to the sights eventually. Once he reach the maturity to know that what he saw was ghosts of people unjustly murdered, he then had the responsibility to report what he saw to the authorities so that justice could be served. Also, like the character of Keanu Reeves in the movie Constantine. His purpose for seeing was to be a demon-hunter or spirit cop; CRAZY. That would be a really crazy job; for who knows what to do when faced with heavenly beings.

Peace all, remember our LORD Jesus this season. He gave His all so that we might live. Love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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