My New Year’s Resolution 2011, My New Year’s Wish of Wishes

Dear GOD,

I’ve prayed to you many times before to help me be a better, kinder husband to my wife. I give up and know that when it comes to power. When it comes to change, I am powerless. I am nothing. It is my heart of hearts to be good to my wife. Even though she is difficult at times, I know that only through my goodness and kindess, consistent goodness and kindness, will she begin to change and perhaps change for the good. So, before where I’ve derided seemingly ‘whipped’ guys for allowing their women to ‘run all over them’. I now understand. I choose to be ‘humiliated’ and ’emasculated’, not really. It takes strength and love to sacrifice for her sake, I know. So, this mushy letter is my written plea to You. Please, please, please help me to change. Help me to be kind when it is not time to be kind. Help me to speak softly when there is shouting and screaming around me. Help me to suffer inside when I see meanness and injustice in front of me. Because I cannot go on perpetuating and enabling the hurt and sadness in the home. It stops here. I’ll take it. Help me to take it.

On the flipside of that, help me to also KICKASS when I see REAL threats to my family. Help me to stand and never let anyone take my family again, unless it is your WILL.

Jesus help me,

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  1. Howdy to all! Because you’re enthusiastic about classics, I want to discuss with you the fact that experts found out that Dao De Jing (by Laocius) and also I Ching (Chinese classic text I Ching) are commentaries to Shan Hai Ching (Collection of Mountains and Seas), which proved to be the actual Catalog of Human Population (CHP).

  2. jchenwa

     /  December 27, 2010

    Yes, I am interested. I’ve often thought that the soul as ‘who you are’, is more like one’s function and maybe in sync with your idea of it as predictable. Thanks, I will visit your website soon.

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