The LORD delights,

How easy is to do word studies:

Tried “LORD delights”: You try – what do you find? We see that the LORD delights in:
1) those who trust Him
2) those who fear Him
3) those who serve Him
4) His sons
5) those who are blameless
6) those who are trustworthy

So basically, it’s about CHARACTER (hold on…). This is going to be harsh for a New Year’s Post, but if you want to please the LORD = it’s not about singing, praying, reading Bible, giving as MUCH as it is being His son. It is reflecting WHO GOD is and that means having Godly characte r – but not just being godly, it’s also trusting in Him, knowing Him in a real relationship. Hope that makes sense. GOD is real, get to know Him, get to know His story, get to know His character, His Ways, His Laws, His Spirit, His Son. I think that’s a start. All you need is Him. I’m just pointing the Way. GOD is Yahweh, GOD Almighty and His Son, Yeshua or Jesus Christ, Son of David.

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