Bye – 4 months

See you all in about 4 months, – – will be added to the other pages but not posting.

MLK Day! Oh Happy Day, Thank you, thank you

Thank you for this holiday, thank you for you are a blessed people, :-)

No condemnation for those IN

I pray the wave of peace is permanent, and that I firmly live out Zechariah 8, where Joshua the Priest is ‘untouchable’. Well not really, GOD commands that no one accuse or pass judgment on His Holy people, His Chosen. Especially, chosen not accuse chosen, I know that now. May GOD help me-shut my mouth at that time of testing, Sorry,

The Third or the Fourth, or When Will This All End?!?

Why, partly, was Jacob given the name Israel. GOD, renames, His people when they come back to Him. It is the white rock, spoken of in Revelations. You’ll know when you know. But related to that, is when Jacob became a nation, I just noticed, He was the fourth generation from Terah, his great grandfather. It was Terah, Abraham, Isaac, and then Israel. The fourth generation spoken of in Genesis 2-, uh 20. You see, GOD’s Laws stand, his words will never pass away.

p.s. – Issac was the third, or the fourth? Something to think about – see Amos 1.

Is the House of the LORD in ruins?

Why do you not have your fill? =it is because the House of the LORD is not being attended to, we have to first take care of GOD’s, a witness to the peoples and nations of the earth, before we can expect to be blessed personally. I just go ti, pass it on. :-)

RePOst – Don’t rush the judgement

I’ve been guilty of this many, many times. But if you’re very concerned about who is in and who is not, the LORD Himself will-can show you and tell you. I’ve wronged people on this one, and I’m sorry about that. Being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean one is perfect, but it also means receiving discipline (that appear to be judgements), and also as lambs, we take on the sins of others, as well. But, not at that great of scale, comparatively. humbley, -j

Where is Zion?

Zion is and always will be the Mountain of the (Hebrew), nothing, HE is the GOD of all. That is Mount of Horeb or Mount Sinai, depending on how you look at it. A temple will be established (unless there already is one there?) and from there the Law will go out (Micah 4). That temple will be a world court for all nations (that means it will have representation from all peoples, but all will be GOD’s), and then there will be no need for war anymore. Deep stuff, huh? Read it for yourselves. Anyone wanting to help in GOD’s work, there’s something to be done, the construction of a new temple court. For now, maybe not yet, but hopefully this blog will last through time.

The Phases of the Moon

I’ll keep this brief, the month is based on the moon, and the current calendars are all off. The month begins with the New Moon (dark moon). And ends with the full moon. There ARE eight days in the week. A month is four 7 day weeks with a day in between weeks. That’s how the LORD is, things are always divided and not put together so tight; just as He said not to join field to field and not to join house to house. So 7 *4 + 3 = 31 days. Our months are 31 days. 12 months in a year. But, I’m not sure, because I haven’t time to observe the moon. That’s my theory. -j

Fun fact to know and tell, p.2

If GOD never punishes (severely – exile + more) fore more than 70 years, and that’s 4 generations in the Genesis 20. Then a generation is actually, Biblically 70/4 = 17.5 years. Are we slowing down the mandated ‘be fruitful and multiply”? I think so, and that’s not a good thing to go against GOD’s directive. As a society, we now delay family for career and that’s a move in the wrong direction. Humbly, -Jim

I’m good at singing too, but

I like music, love it in fact, it resonates within my soul, and elevates, phases me, and ushers in/melding and fusing with the Spirit of GOD; it is a vehicle for entering in or touching the Spirit fo GOD, but

I’ve cried many times – and I’ve known that it was the grieved Spirit over the sins of her people, it was the grieved spirit of the worshippers unable to follow and please the LORD, their Creator.

We, everyday, work with our hands, by the sweat of our brow, to put food on the table. We know that unless we follow and please our LORD, adequate provision will not come. So, it is my suggestion that every worshipper, even those of other faiths, for your own sake at least, check out the laws of YHWH in the Bible, books Leviticus and Deutoronomy mostly. Humblu, Jim

We are the created, GOD’s creatures

What are we? We are amazing people, and as a people, we have achieved many great things. BUT, we still are the created, part of His creation. I’m a new father, and just recently I’ve been watching a lot of Toy Story (you know Woody and Buzz Lightyear). That’s us. We’re His toys, Jesus Christ, the Word of the LORD, created us for Himself and His Father, in essence, we wholly belong to Him, although some people don’t want to or just don’t recognize. May you be given this understanding in 2011, blessings to you from above,

The End Times

Hi, listen if you have ears to hear, if you are hear it is no accident but a ‘divine’ appointment. I say that boldly and say and think what you must. In Matthew 24+25, the LORD Jesus talks about the end of time or creation. The end will come when you see the sky darken basically. Which I think is during the New Moon, but that’s just Me. When Jesus comes, He will come the same way he left – up to the heavens, then down from the heavens. You’ll know it when He comes, can’t miss it.

The LORD references the flood about the end, so at that time, many will perish. And it will be a complete re-do. The Bible talks about the angels gathering elect from one end of the heavens to another. But everything that is going to happen is not understandable, really. Anyone who claims to know, is either among a really, really select elect few or they are just trying to sell you something, because in Daniel the details leading up to the end are just confusing, and the person Daniel was talking to said the prophecy is sealed up, meaning – if you don’t understand it, don’t feel bad. The understanding for it is not yet given from above.

But there are some interesting things that our LORD Jesus says about the end. Since night comes before day, in the actual day (see Genesis 1), the sign of the LORD (prophets are living signs) — I think it may be Elijah for he went up into heaven also will appear, then the LORD himself — which will be awesome! The elect are the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, among others. They are gathered first, it is written it will occur during the daytime.

Then, the Bible mentions that those of the elect that did not serve faithfully and wisely will be cut to pieces and assigned to a place with the hypocrites. Next, the LORD talks about the virgins – it seems they will be called at midnight, so there’s gotta be some watching to be done. Men and women who, for the reasons known to them and the LORD, stayed single will go in. It seems I’m being very literal, and it makes sense to me that way. The LORD, I think, will not be marrying them, or them all. I think they will be in the wedding party. For, the LORD will help them find someone in the next life, maybe they’ll all match up? But I have a theory that the LORD already loves someone. He is/was a real person on this earth, and his love then and perhaps always will be Mary of Magdelene. He died, was cut off – never experienced marriage and kids – is that any life for the King of Kings? Is that just? That’s where a lot of our theology and human sense gets screwed up, Christians. What is right is right, we always have to know that. The LORD just have to wait til the end. But He is long-suffering, so He does. It is said we do not know the day or the hour, only the Father knows. That’s not saying you shouldn’t try to know. If you know, you know. But the Father reveals things. He revealed to Simon Peter. And maybe the LORD was talking to an audience that was not completely honest in their intentions, so he spoke wisely. For we can very easily ascertain that the LORD will come before the Feast of Tabernacles, that’s a certain month, and the New Moon of that month is a certain day, and he already said the hours.

Again, the LORD talks about unprofitable servants. True wealth are people. And those who follow the LORD will be serving genuine wheat loving – we’ll just think about this one. Don’t lose those who the LORD have given to you. For me, I guess it’s only my wife and kids, for He talks about putting those to work and gaining more. If you do a good job as a manager, the LORD will always put more on your plate, so to speak.

Here is maybe where people say we can lose our salvation, but it is clear to me that the people are separate from the brothers and sisters of our LORD, mainly the Insraelites. The people, I believe, are mainly the Gentiles, but those who’ve helped the LORD’s blood – will themselves be sons of GOD and will inherit the earth. Basically, half of the population will go into the fire, and the rest, the best will rule on the earth. Are you on the good side? Not are you perfect yet? But, if you are, you know.

Follow the Authorities, EXCEPT

We see in the Bible in Romans that we are to follow and obey authorities, but there is an exception. We are not to obey when it goes against the Law of our LORD. Idolatry is a big one. If a law ever passes in the U.S., where we are legislated to worship some idol or god other than YAHWEH, then don’t do it. Simple, but get ready to go to jail or prison. Hm, makes one think a little differently about criminals or prisoners, don’t it?

New Year’s Resolution, p.2

Read through the Bible from cover to cover, straight through, in order, this year. No skipping over Leviticus, over Deuteronomy, I know Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial are boring. Psalms, 150 of them!

What do I think about the GODSPELL?

The Gospel is translated ‘good news’, it can also be a spell on which is cast among unsuspecting seekers so they fall desperately in love with this GOD, named Jesus Christ. j/k

The Apostle Paul used the word Gospel (Greek), but then it’s connotation was ??? I really don’t know. When I do a word search of Gospel in, what do I get?

Well let’s back up and add first that we are to be ministers of reconciliation. We are to proclaim the death of the LORD Jesus, and point out that the sins of the world have been forgiven, the Way back to GOD has been created through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Anyone who believes, trusts, in Jesus. If the faith that your sins are forgiven and you have been made just as if you have never sinned, now and forever – if that faith has been given to you from above, – then you are on your way.

Back to the word search – if one looks through the many, many instances of the word ‘gospel’ in the Bible, one will start to see the meaning is not so simple. The gospel is not just a message. Actually, you wanna know what I think?

The gospel is not any one message. We are all given messages and tasks, work from above. As we see from Jonah, resistance is futile. j/k. But, seriously folks, the LORD just wants us to get out there and talk to people and help people. He wants us to tell what GOD did for us and proclaim not really prove that Jesus is the LORD. GOD is more than capable of convincing anyone He is real. He ‘hunted’ me down in an owe so ever amazing type grace of a way. We get to particpate in His work of reconciliation, and we have the Holy Spirit within us that leads us, talks for us, creates opportunities, creates situations, creates signs, creates miracles, and slowly He works in the heart of all that are being saved. He even convicts and punishes those that are ‘wicked’. I agree with Brad H.’s definition that the gospel is the Spirit of the LORD. That’s the best I’ve heard so far.

Father, forgive me or Why I’ve Spwed Obscenities Like a Sailro B4

Hi, just recently I’ve explicateded like never before and why? Why you ask? I was ministering. Ha-ha. No, it’s no joke, I was talking to an older Navy guy, my neighbor and the way in with this folk is swearing. It’s not the Way, but a way actually, because that’s hust or just how they talk. Hmmm, you say? I know, I know, it’s not the best. I actually had to apologize to a few little kids running around, but the ladies/moms seemed to b fine with it after I apologized. But, after a while it actually became kind of funny or amusing in a way. True defilement as spoken of in the book of Ezekial by the LORD is idolatry (detestable), shedding of blood for unjust gain, and marital unfaithfulness or adultery.

The crowd I hang with sometimes, saying a little sh*t, and f**k, and a$$*** ain’t nothin’. It’s sometimes the way in which something is said. Yes, those words bring images that are not so uh appealing. But to a parent a little poo poo aint nothing. After you’ve seen 50 or so diapers, so what? If you understand that sex is really only meant for married people or commited people who’ve covenanted before the LORD, then those words just bounce off you like bullets. I’m not going to touch on the last one, j/k.

I normally don’t talk that way. It something I can turn on or off. It’s considered STRONG language. When one feels strongly or is excited or really is opposed to something, when that one is the swearing type, then it happens, I guess. I usually don’t explain things like this, but just so everyone can understand each other better.

There it is.

To Any Pastors or Future Pastors Out There

Hi, I’m really no one. But would just like to say that I like pastors. You all get a lot of flack. But I guess it comes with the territory. I’m guilty for putting some crap on pastors as a whole, b/c of a few, and I’m sorry about that. I know I’ve written that way, and I’m sorry for that. Still finding that voice, maybe it’s a never ending process. So, what I really think, or think right now, is that there are good pastors and bad ones; huh even within GOD”s Sanctuaries. It is equally bad to think that a pastor should not receive anything for their work. Just as people come in all forms, no pastors have the same gifiting. And if it ever was about money, then you should think twice about becoming one. The LORD didn’t let me become one even though I myself think I could have become a good one. Ha-ha. Instead I’m something else. My thinking as a young something else, is that you’re to take care of those in your care, GOD’s sheep. Balance it out. Well, blah, blah, blah, GOD bless you. May the LORD’s face shine upon you always,

The Best Thing –

Since we are in the time of the New Covenent. The best thing would be to talk to Jesus. I don’t want to even start to think I’m doing anything really special with these ramblings. The Holy Spirit, it says in Scripture, is the Teacher. He can teach you all things, anything you want to know. He is THE MAN! –

Tackle this, p.1 – Who are REAL Christians?

I don’t mean to be a challenging person, but sometimes I am. The LORD works in mysterious ways, j/k. There is a lot of talk about false prophets and phony Christians. Would you hear my take on it? Mind you, I’m not prefect so there may be a lot of me, and not so much truth in this, but here goes, if you’re ready?

Well, what do you mean by real? If you mean genuine or CHOSEN by the LORD before the foundations of the earth were even laid then it wouldn’t be hard to tell one from one who is not. The most telling characteristic, in my opinion, would be truthfulness, or since nobody’s perfect – sincerity. How would you know if someone was a truthful or honest person? You wouldn’t right off the bat. You’d have to observe a person over a long, long period of time. But why would you want to find a REAL Christian anyways? We’ll come back to that. I think, another characteristic of a REAL Christian is love. That’s a big one. Love is a multi-faceted ‘thing’, much like faith which can be described but not really contained by anyone defintion. It can’t be boiled down and simplified bc it is a complicated or complex or intricate spirit.

cliche – 1 Corinthians 13, good to mediatate upon, practice it, be it.

and my last thought is that a REAL Christian would be going up, up, up. They are being sanctified by the Spirit of the LORD. That’s not any mystical thing really. The LORD GOD wants to take away your sins. He wants you to be victorious or to not be bound by the things that you do not want to do. For example, I used to have little problems with downloading illegal software – that pointed to larger problems I had unwarily had with perhaps being to liberal with other people’s stuff. We worked on that, I’m more aware when handling stuff. Another one is that mostly, I don’t like to even think about other women. It has been a while since I echoed Job’s pact with his eyes not to look lustfully upon another woman. The way sin enters you is through your eyes, ears, mouth – your senses. Eye control is very important. Look away. Close your eyes sometimes. So, although no one is perfect, that I know on Guam, it is possible for someone to achieve complete sinlessness. There are verses in the Bible that state there have always been people that have never sinned, but still died b/c they were born with sin. My point is a REAL Christian would be kind, thoughtful and would really do no harm.

Done, peace out,

Am I A Sell Out? Who are the ‘gods’?

Who are these ‘gods’ that pop up in ALL myths? After watching the History Channel lately, I’m inclined to say they are aliens that are directing our earth culture. But after thinking about it, there is strong evidence for alien intervening or watching us – both good and bad aliens. But I think there are a host of creatures out there that are way above us or ahead us in development. The good ones, among this set, just like good parents or good older siblings will help or lead us in a way consistent with the Laws of Good or GOD. The bad ones, just the opposite, often interacting with us to take away or destroy. There could be aliens too, and also spiritual beings, as the Bible talks about – Angels.

So what am I talking out? Selling out? In Christdom, Jesus and His Father are the ONLY GODs and to think otherwise is near blashphemy. I don’t disagree, those who follow the LORD are priviledged in that they serve the MOST HIGH. Why mess with anyone else? But I’m coming to see that there other creatures out there that compared to us, would seem like ‘gods’, but are not gods. They also share createdness with us – being created by the MOST HIGH.

What I have some distaste for in Christianity, not all, but some circles is when leadership doesn’t encourage people to think, to ask questions. They tell us to believe blindly and have faith in things we don’t understand. Mostly, they are blindly leading the blind into a pit and having a way with people’s time, money, resources, happiness, peace of mind, etc. Woe to them on judgement day. It’s better not to teach falsehood and ‘fleece’ people and just keep to oneself than that. Just saying.

My take on all this is that it is one thing to worship these ‘gods’ who are not gods at all – THERE IS ONLY ONE CREATOR GOD and that is the LORD, YAHWEH and HIS SON, YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ) – and another thing to acknowledge them. It is rude to disregard or ignore people, and it would be equally rude not to show some respect for the ‘gods’ who are not gods at all.

Don’t get me wrong, DO NOT, DO NOT – never, never worship any other ‘god’ except the One True GOD. For He is a jealous GOD and will destroy you (I like to say bust you down) for your unfaithfulness. It is disloyalty, cheating, call it what you want, idolatry is the worst thing you could do to you own Creator-GOD. After great suffering, He would always bring you back to Himself. He would reconcile and restore you. That is the great mercy and love of our LORD whom goes on to eternity.

So to those who worship, I would say other gods, what do I have to say? Well from my perspective, any one who would set themselves up against the One True GOD is asking for trouble. For all people are created by Him. I wouldn’t go so far as saying these ‘gods’ are the e word, but why deal with those who are not god, when you are able to KNOW the true GOD now and have been able to since the CHRIST, LORD YAHSHUA, himself provided for the purification of sins. Mankind always needed help from the heavenlies, the LORD Himself has reached out His Hand to you. Will you take it? I say it is a chance of a lifetime. Take it, take it!

Kevin Smith, I’m On To You

For all your swearing, lewdness, and intelligence, I know you’re beyond entertaining. You are a modern day prophet of the LORD. Keep up the good work, you.

The New Covenant

What was the Old Covenant? It was based on obedience to the LAWS of the LORD. The best of the best, the Israelites as a whole were NOT able to keep the Covenant to the satisfaction of the LORD GOD YAHWEH, so they were scattered until recently the nation of Israel has reformed and is now, as we speak being restored.

In the book of Jeremiah, we see the New Covenant being spoken of, it is one where the people of YAHWEH would be able to follow the LORD because they have the Laws in their hearts. GOD’s chosen ones would be transformed inside out.

We can speculate all we want, but we know that this ‘help’ to us by GOD Himself, has been achieved only throught the death of the LORD Y’eshua, Yahshua, or Jesus Christ. He said so Himself. As the LORD Jesus said, the Way is Himself, but Life (Zoe) is only achieved through obeying the commandments. But the only way to understand obedience is to be In Christ.

The Strict ‘Lord’s Supper’

If we believe, maybe the strict celebation of the LORD’s supper should be at Passover ONLY? This occurs in the month of March or so, changes depending on the astronomical calendar.