The New Covenant

What was the Old Covenant? It was based on obedience to the LAWS of the LORD. The best of the best, the Israelites as a whole were NOT able to keep the Covenant to the satisfaction of the LORD GOD YAHWEH, so they were scattered until recently the nation of Israel has reformed and is now, as we speak being restored.

In the book of Jeremiah, we see the New Covenant being spoken of, it is one where the people of YAHWEH would be able to follow the LORD because they have the Laws in their hearts. GOD’s chosen ones would be transformed inside out.

We can speculate all we want, but we know that this ‘help’ to us by GOD Himself, has been achieved only throught the death of the LORD Y’eshua, Yahshua, or Jesus Christ. He said so Himself. As the LORD Jesus said, the Way is Himself, but Life (Zoe) is only achieved through obeying the commandments. But the only way to understand obedience is to be In Christ.

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