Am I A Sell Out? Who are the ‘gods’?

Who are these ‘gods’ that pop up in ALL myths? After watching the History Channel lately, I’m inclined to say they are aliens that are directing our earth culture. But after thinking about it, there is strong evidence for alien intervening or watching us – both good and bad aliens. But I think there are a host of creatures out there that are way above us or ahead us in development. The good ones, among this set, just like good parents or good older siblings will help or lead us in a way consistent with the Laws of Good or GOD. The bad ones, just the opposite, often interacting with us to take away or destroy. There could be aliens too, and also spiritual beings, as the Bible talks about – Angels.

So what am I talking out? Selling out? In Christdom, Jesus and His Father are the ONLY GODs and to think otherwise is near blashphemy. I don’t disagree, those who follow the LORD are priviledged in that they serve the MOST HIGH. Why mess with anyone else? But I’m coming to see that there other creatures out there that compared to us, would seem like ‘gods’, but are not gods. They also share createdness with us – being created by the MOST HIGH.

What I have some distaste for in Christianity, not all, but some circles is when leadership doesn’t encourage people to think, to ask questions. They tell us to believe blindly and have faith in things we don’t understand. Mostly, they are blindly leading the blind into a pit and having a way with people’s time, money, resources, happiness, peace of mind, etc. Woe to them on judgement day. It’s better not to teach falsehood and ‘fleece’ people and just keep to oneself than that. Just saying.

My take on all this is that it is one thing to worship these ‘gods’ who are not gods at all – THERE IS ONLY ONE CREATOR GOD and that is the LORD, YAHWEH and HIS SON, YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ) – and another thing to acknowledge them. It is rude to disregard or ignore people, and it would be equally rude not to show some respect for the ‘gods’ who are not gods at all.

Don’t get me wrong, DO NOT, DO NOT – never, never worship any other ‘god’ except the One True GOD. For He is a jealous GOD and will destroy you (I like to say bust you down) for your unfaithfulness. It is disloyalty, cheating, call it what you want, idolatry is the worst thing you could do to you own Creator-GOD. After great suffering, He would always bring you back to Himself. He would reconcile and restore you. That is the great mercy and love of our LORD whom goes on to eternity.

So to those who worship, I would say other gods, what do I have to say? Well from my perspective, any one who would set themselves up against the One True GOD is asking for trouble. For all people are created by Him. I wouldn’t go so far as saying these ‘gods’ are the e word, but why deal with those who are not god, when you are able to KNOW the true GOD now and have been able to since the CHRIST, LORD YAHSHUA, himself provided for the purification of sins. Mankind always needed help from the heavenlies, the LORD Himself has reached out His Hand to you. Will you take it? I say it is a chance of a lifetime. Take it, take it!

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