Tackle this, p.1 – Who are REAL Christians?

I don’t mean to be a challenging person, but sometimes I am. The LORD works in mysterious ways, j/k. There is a lot of talk about false prophets and phony Christians. Would you hear my take on it? Mind you, I’m not prefect so there may be a lot of me, and not so much truth in this, but here goes, if you’re ready?

Well, what do you mean by real? If you mean genuine or CHOSEN by the LORD before the foundations of the earth were even laid then it wouldn’t be hard to tell one from one who is not. The most telling characteristic, in my opinion, would be truthfulness, or since nobody’s perfect – sincerity. How would you know if someone was a truthful or honest person? You wouldn’t right off the bat. You’d have to observe a person over a long, long period of time. But why would you want to find a REAL Christian anyways? We’ll come back to that. I think, another characteristic of a REAL Christian is love. That’s a big one. Love is a multi-faceted ‘thing’, much like faith which can be described but not really contained by anyone defintion. It can’t be boiled down and simplified bc it is a complicated or complex or intricate spirit.

cliche – 1 Corinthians 13, good to mediatate upon, practice it, be it.

and my last thought is that a REAL Christian would be going up, up, up. They are being sanctified by the Spirit of the LORD. That’s not any mystical thing really. The LORD GOD wants to take away your sins. He wants you to be victorious or to not be bound by the things that you do not want to do. For example, I used to have little problems with downloading illegal software – that pointed to larger problems I had unwarily had with perhaps being to liberal with other people’s stuff. We worked on that, I’m more aware when handling stuff. Another one is that mostly, I don’t like to even think about other women. It has been a while since I echoed Job’s pact with his eyes not to look lustfully upon another woman. The way sin enters you is through your eyes, ears, mouth – your senses. Eye control is very important. Look away. Close your eyes sometimes. So, although no one is perfect, that I know on Guam, it is possible for someone to achieve complete sinlessness. There are verses in the Bible that state there have always been people that have never sinned, but still died b/c they were born with sin. My point is a REAL Christian would be kind, thoughtful and would really do no harm.

Done, peace out,

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