What do I think about the GODSPELL?

The Gospel is translated ‘good news’, it can also be a spell on which is cast among unsuspecting seekers so they fall desperately in love with this GOD, named Jesus Christ. j/k

The Apostle Paul used the word Gospel (Greek), but then it’s connotation was ??? I really don’t know. When I do a word search of Gospel in biblegateway.com, what do I get?

Well let’s back up and add first that we are to be ministers of reconciliation. We are to proclaim the death of the LORD Jesus, and point out that the sins of the world have been forgiven, the Way back to GOD has been created through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Anyone who believes, trusts, in Jesus. If the faith that your sins are forgiven and you have been made just as if you have never sinned, now and forever – if that faith has been given to you from above, – then you are on your way.

Back to the word search – if one looks through the many, many instances of the word ‘gospel’ in the Bible, one will start to see the meaning is not so simple. The gospel is not just a message. Actually, you wanna know what I think?

The gospel is not any one message. We are all given messages and tasks, work from above. As we see from Jonah, resistance is futile. j/k. But, seriously folks, the LORD just wants us to get out there and talk to people and help people. He wants us to tell what GOD did for us and proclaim not really prove that Jesus is the LORD. GOD is more than capable of convincing anyone He is real. He ‘hunted’ me down in an owe so ever amazing type grace of a way. We get to particpate in His work of reconciliation, and we have the Holy Spirit within us that leads us, talks for us, creates opportunities, creates situations, creates signs, creates miracles, and slowly He works in the heart of all that are being saved. He even convicts and punishes those that are ‘wicked’. I agree with Brad H.’s definition that the gospel is the Spirit of the LORD. That’s the best I’ve heard so far.

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