I’m good at singing too, but

I like music, love it in fact, it resonates within my soul, and elevates, phases me, and ushers in/melding and fusing with the Spirit of GOD; it is a vehicle for entering in or touching the Spirit fo GOD, but

I’ve cried many times – and I’ve known that it was the grieved Spirit over the sins of her people, it was the grieved spirit of the worshippers unable to follow and please the LORD, their Creator.

We, everyday, work with our hands, by the sweat of our brow, to put food on the table. We know that unless we follow and please our LORD, adequate provision will not come. So, it is my suggestion that every worshipper, even those of other faiths, for your own sake at least, check out the laws of YHWH in the Bible, books Leviticus and Deutoronomy mostly. Humblu, Jim

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