The End Times

Hi, listen if you have ears to hear, if you are hear it is no accident but a ‘divine’ appointment. I say that boldly and say and think what you must. In Matthew 24+25, the LORD Jesus talks about the end of time or creation. The end will come when you see the sky darken basically. Which I think is during the New Moon, but that’s just Me. When Jesus comes, He will come the same way he left – up to the heavens, then down from the heavens. You’ll know it when He comes, can’t miss it.

The LORD references the flood about the end, so at that time, many will perish. And it will be a complete re-do. The Bible talks about the angels gathering elect from one end of the heavens to another. But everything that is going to happen is not understandable, really. Anyone who claims to know, is either among a really, really select elect few or they are just trying to sell you something, because in Daniel the details leading up to the end are just confusing, and the person Daniel was talking to said the prophecy is sealed up, meaning – if you don’t understand it, don’t feel bad. The understanding for it is not yet given from above.

But there are some interesting things that our LORD Jesus says about the end. Since night comes before day, in the actual day (see Genesis 1), the sign of the LORD (prophets are living signs) — I think it may be Elijah for he went up into heaven also will appear, then the LORD himself — which will be awesome! The elect are the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, among others. They are gathered first, it is written it will occur during the daytime.

Then, the Bible mentions that those of the elect that did not serve faithfully and wisely will be cut to pieces and assigned to a place with the hypocrites. Next, the LORD talks about the virgins – it seems they will be called at midnight, so there’s gotta be some watching to be done. Men and women who, for the reasons known to them and the LORD, stayed single will go in. It seems I’m being very literal, and it makes sense to me that way. The LORD, I think, will not be marrying them, or them all. I think they will be in the wedding party. For, the LORD will help them find someone in the next life, maybe they’ll all match up? But I have a theory that the LORD already loves someone. He is/was a real person on this earth, and his love then and perhaps always will be Mary of Magdelene. He died, was cut off – never experienced marriage and kids – is that any life for the King of Kings? Is that just? That’s where a lot of our theology and human sense gets screwed up, Christians. What is right is right, we always have to know that. The LORD just have to wait til the end. But He is long-suffering, so He does. It is said we do not know the day or the hour, only the Father knows. That’s not saying you shouldn’t try to know. If you know, you know. But the Father reveals things. He revealed to Simon Peter. And maybe the LORD was talking to an audience that was not completely honest in their intentions, so he spoke wisely. For we can very easily ascertain that the LORD will come before the Feast of Tabernacles, that’s a certain month, and the New Moon of that month is a certain day, and he already said the hours.

Again, the LORD talks about unprofitable servants. True wealth are people. And those who follow the LORD will be serving genuine wheat loving – we’ll just think about this one. Don’t lose those who the LORD have given to you. For me, I guess it’s only my wife and kids, for He talks about putting those to work and gaining more. If you do a good job as a manager, the LORD will always put more on your plate, so to speak.

Here is maybe where people say we can lose our salvation, but it is clear to me that the people are separate from the brothers and sisters of our LORD, mainly the Insraelites. The people, I believe, are mainly the Gentiles, but those who’ve helped the LORD’s blood – will themselves be sons of GOD and will inherit the earth. Basically, half of the population will go into the fire, and the rest, the best will rule on the earth. Are you on the good side? Not are you perfect yet? But, if you are, you know.

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