Like the wind, I’m back

Hi, I’m back and would just like to say the people of GOD are extraordinarily tough people. Through many fastings, watchings, and sufferings, we follow our LORD and gain victory over all. I’m finally watching the HBO documentary Friends of GOD. My notes on the next post or the comments box of this one.

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  1. jchenwa

     /  February 21, 2011

    It’s a good topic. Evangelical Christians seem to be a political organization, and it should be seen through the eyes of political filmmaker Alexandria Pelosi. She doesn’t judge or poke fun at. But shows us the wide array and pervasiveness of Christianity in all it’s forms across the United States. It seems the Christians have an agenda as well. But in their defense, GOD uses imperfect people. Coming off as too holy or unsympathetic or hateful is not right and is something we the followers of Christ need to think about and change. But, the ‘agenda’ is not ours as insincere as we may seem. Even gay ex-ghostwriter to Jerry Falwell, being on the insides sees the sincerity of GOD’s people.

  2. it seems quite trivial to expect

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