Are we Jews or NOt?

That’s a good question I think. In Hebrews there was an order not to require new convert Gentiles to follow Judaism. But how do we reconcile this w/ what the LORD Jesus himself saying that He did not come to abolish the Law but fulfill it. He said every tiny bit of the Law is to be fulfilled (paraphrasing).

I’m a big believer that all of the Old Testament Law stands if you understand them in Spirit and Truth. GOD sees the heart and sincere attempt to obey Him will always please Him. The difference between then and now – the Old Testament and the New Times is that we now have the Spirit of the LORD with us and in us. He has been poured out on all flesh it says. So even unbelievers are washed by the Spirit. And even unbelievers are ‘working’ for the LORD. As it is said, this is the best of times but also worst of times. Those who follow Jesus have the Spirit and will learn to follow the Voice of the Shepherd. That is a higher and better Way than following the dead letter of the law. Surprisingly, when you are following the very Spirit of the LORD you are above the Law, for in abiding in Him, you are One with the LORD.

So do we have to obey or not. Yes, we must obey the LORD fully. But why the confusion? First of all, being a Jew or Israelite is not an ethnic category only. A true Israelite is from the heart, so that anyone who follows the LORD is called an Israelite or Jew. They are GOD’s people. So I don’t have reservations calling myself a Jew, even though I’m not. I’m not being arrogant, I hope you see.

So why were people not required to follow the Laws fully? The missing piece of info is in Acts. After praying and conferring, it was decided that the Gentiles were only to follow 5? Jewish Laws in that it would not be too difficult to be a follower of the LORD. That’s all. The early fathers were training up the followers as babies. They didn’t want to discourage them from the faith. But when you are maturing in Christ, you have to obey and as you gain more understanding of the Law, you have to follow those too. Christ’s blood covers you and is ready to cover at any time for such is the grace of the LORD. But just as we slowly come out from under the covering of our earthly parents as we mature, the LORD allows us to shine and grow in wisdom and power and ‘make moves of our own’. He gives us more independence but not independence really for we must always cling to Him. The best way I can say it is He grows us.

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