What is it to Watch?

Watchings or not sleeping is in the Bible as well as fasting. I don’t find many references to this, except the LORD Jesus asked his core 3 to watch and pray with Him before going to the cross. Why watch? Because just like overeating, some have a tendency to oversleep. Love of sleeping can be a snare and through watchings you will throw off that which will stop the ‘real you’ from shining through. During the watches of the night, you will have no choice but to talk to the LORD. Everyone is sleeping. And it is during this time that the LORD will often speak. In this quiet, there is nothing to compete with His Voice. Don’t be surprised if He startes to teach you all kinds of wonderful things – as He did/does to the shepherds who watch the sheep through the night.

What is a watch? It is to as I said, but there are guarding aspects to it. It is also good practice for men as we need to be vigilant and ‘watchful’ for simple physical invasions and attempts to take from us (robberries, burgularies, etc.) and it is also good to be awake for emergencies. What if a loved one across the country or world needs help?

Just as there are 12 hours of daylight, there are 12 hours of night. They can be broken up into watches or shifts. Four hour shifts are standard, but I think three hour shifts are good too. I’m not sure, but it seems okay. This is not for all the time, but just as we are called to fast sometimes, we can watch too. Humbly, -j

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