Where Do I Get My Stuff?


Maybe a few of you are reading and wonder..where does he get this stuff? It is from 10 years of thinking and walking with the LORD Jesus and studying the Bible. A lot of it just comes into my mind, and I just unload it onto these webpages. But I highly recommend reading the Bible from cover to cover.

I learned from Brad H., that many things in the Bible are not easily understood. Some things you CANNOT understand unless you get rid of your sins. Because you will always have those sins blinding your understanding. A big one to rid yourself of is the LOVE of Money. I’m not saying you don’t need money. Everyone needs money b/c in the modern world there is no other way to pay your bills. The power company won’t take chickens or the sweet potatoes you planted in your garden. I’m not even saying you can’t enjoy yourself. If you don’t have enough money to live a comfortable life and have FUN, then pray, b/c something ain’t quite right. Where did Christians get this idea that in order to be a good person or holy you have to be suffering and poor? If you are doing good work and in an honest way, making an honest living, then there is no problem. Christians may be called to suffer, and if you can suffer in a worthy way, that is good. More on that later.

Some things in the Bible you cannot understand until you mature. The LOVE of the FATHER is one. When I became a father, I better understood how deep, how wide, how great is GOD’s LOVE.

Some things you might NEVER understand, for they are sealed up. Understanding is given from Heaven Above. Understanding, Wisdom, Power, Strength, Speech, Riches – they are all talents and abilities. Something I’m starting to see is that abilities in themselves are wonderful. But, there are GREATER gifts or talents – one IS LOVE. If you are doing things out of love – then other gifts/abilities will follow. But it must be genuine, for no one ever fools GOD.

Some of you are here because you seek wisdom. It is good to want wisdom, and it says in the Holy Scriptures that GOD will never turn away someone seeking His wisdom. But seek GOD first and He will give you all the wisdom you want. What does that mean? It is a slight difference. Are you wanting wisdom for what that can get you? – Mostly this means money. Do you want respect? Do you want to wow others with your mighty brain? It’s okay, b/c GOD wants His children to be great. Or do you more just want to be WITH your FATHER in HEAVEN? Seeking His Kingdom, seek GOD first. It is the same thing. It can be paraphrased into a practical application. When working with people, don’t always try to get things from people. People don’t like that. Try to get to know people first. Serve people first (that’s being under the kingdom).

I’m Normal Right Now,

Nothing really to report. I’m just busy making money, bread-winning for my family. It seems mundane, but I’m enjoying the break from all the holiness. Ha-ha. One thing, I’m thinking about is the other perspective of a ‘sinner’ versus a righteous Christian.

Isn’t it strange that some Christians chide regular ol’ folk for not going to church. I’ve heard some say that it people aren’t putting GOD as a priority if they are not religiously going to church. They are told to ‘challenge’ the ‘unchurched’. But, what well meaning church folk don’t realize is that many people especially on Guam, don’t make a good living. They often have to do things they don’t want to, even break a few Laws of YHWH to make their families happy. How does that feel? Not good, I’m sure. They have to work their butts off, just to make ends meet.

Do you blame them if they don’t want to go to church? Because you will just ask them to donate. You won’t? I don’t believe that. You will. At first, you will not require it. But as they come regularly you will put it on their hearts to give. And when you got them ‘hooked’ on Bible, then you will point out verses that require ‘children of GOD’ to give at least 10% to 90%! Yes, I’ve heard pastors say that some very, very good rich Christians live on 10% and give 90%. (more…)

Prayer, It IS the most POWERFUL thing we can do

In this material, physical world.

In this time of JAPAN being totally devasted.

In this bad, economy.

We want to do something. It is good to act. But, FIRST, let me suggest that we do as Justin Bieber says, “PRAY”.



We, ALL, especially the elect, should be praying people. How do we pray? The LORD says in secret. Prayer is done privately, it is done after watching and seeing what needs to happen, it is done with a sincere heart, and it should be done expectently. This one, is important. It is better to watch for answers to your prayers, for often they come quickly, but we don’t track them or really care if prayer is answered or not.

Some more difficult things, like praying through a calamity like Japan, is difficult and do so if your heart moves you to. What I’d like to say is that my life was in jeopardy after a car accident. A series of chain emails got a large group of people praying for me, and I know that it was that supplication and movement that tipped the scales back into, me coming back to life. If that makes sense. Because I was as good as dead, that 10 years ago.

Another story from the Bible, book of Kings. Hezekiah, the Great King, was facing total wipe out of Israel by a large army. He had no resort, he just kneeled down and threw his all on the mercy of GOD. And GOD Heard His Prayer. The enemy encamped hundreds of thousands of soldiers at the wall of Israel. GOD sent his Angel of Death, and the next morning, the soldiers were ALL dead. What did King Hezekiah say? I imagine it must have been such a beautiful, heart-felt, passionate plea – one that moved the LORD’s heart and hand in such a dramatic way. Do you understand?

Imagine, being the invading king, what would you think? Does GOD act in this way anymore? I haven’t heard of anything so dramatic. But the tragedy in JAPAN comes close. The tsunami, the earthquakes, all considered acts of GOD, of the gods, it all comes close. What do I have to say about the sinfulness of JAPAN or lack thereof? Nothing. I’ve learned in my 4o years of life on this earth that sometimes I just don’t know. But, this is a sad thing. This is a real thing. And they need help.

Men and Women, equal yes, but ONE

The equality of men and women is still in dispute, I say we have left that argument and taken it to a higher level, that men and women are ONE.

I say as much as possible, men and women should work together, make decisions together, and do everything together! A lot of verses in the Bible putting women down, was because it was a different time, where machoness was the rule. So, we see biases even within the Bible.

I can’t speak for my wife, but when I’ve considered her viewpoint, things have always resulted better. It takes patience, and some trust and faith. But, whenever I charged ahead and did things because she just doesn’t understand, then still things didn’t turn out right. Men and women need each other to make it through. For example, women have a much better sense of a person if they are good or bad, if they mean to take advantage or not. When I didn’t heed my wife’s sense, it often lead to disaster. Women are naturally more cautious and money conscious, whereas men just GO, GO, GO. It is a natural balancing effect on each other – what happens is the best result!

Instead of arguing over who is better than the other, we should be seeking better ways of working together.

Matthew 6, ‘Treasures in Heaven’

Hi, I finally understand the jumps in the text of Matthew 6:19-24. Hear, if you have ears to, if you have eyes to see, see! What these verses are talking about are people basically. True treasures are PEOPLE! We are to use what we have (material things) to bless people, NOT spoil them though. When people are blessed and happy they will naturally seek to glorify GOD. Since the text is talking about people being the treasures, the next jump is the ‘eyes’ being people. Remember in 1 Corinthians talking about body of Christ? Eyes are followers of GOD who function as eyes in the body of Christ. Every body has eyes (two eyes = male and female, the couple who functions as eyes). So how can a body of Christ be filled with darkness? It is doubly or very bad for a body of Christ to be filled with darkness is what verse 23 is saying. So there is GREAT responsibility on the ‘eyes’ or dare I say prophets to be following the LORD. It is important for them to have their eyes on the LORD and not on money. When the ‘eyes’ of a body are focused on money, then the body will not be filled with light.

The Spirit within You

Did you find the verse yet? That says something to the effect that GOD misses His Spirit within you? Why do you now love Praise and Worship Music? Why do you have a spirit that reaches out to the Infinite One, the Alpha and the Omega? It is b/c something within you, the Spirit of the LORD, is yours yet it misses the Father, it misses Home. Maybe that’s why we sleep? Maybe when we sleep, our spirits return home – to heaven. Maybe?

Ultimate Glory and ultimate blame

Who gets all the singing, bowing, crying, scraping (as said)? GOD of course! So much so, we think He is some kind of egomaniac?` No, of course He is not. At the same time, I’ve noticed, that He always bears ultimate blame and responsibility for everything. EVERYTHING. When you are the daddy in the family, or the lead in a group, whenever anything bad happens, usually the blame just falls on you. Often, there is NO reason why things got bad, just that they did. But, it is human nature to want to place blame and get mad or direct anger at someone or something. Often that is you, the daddy, or the lead of the group. It doesn’t feel good, but it is something I’m learning to accept. Just because it is so. It is the same but at a much greater scale with GOD.

Where am I going with this? I just read Matthew 4 again – Salt and Light. Believers are Salt and Light. In the second part, of light, if you know what I’m saying, Jesus the LORD says that your Light will allow men (non-believers) to see your good deeds and glorify the LORD. What does that mean? At the root of all this, is that life is not fair. Many bad things have happened to people, or someone has had a family history of disobeying the LORD, so their lives are not good. They blame GOD for their suffering, and they HATE GOD. You being around them, is GOD reaching out to them. You ‘happening’ to be there, is actually divinely arranged, so let’s do our best not to lose the opportunities. So, you have a part to bless them and help them as best you can. Don’t force anything on them, and don’t presume anything. The best thing, in my experience is to gently ask, or wait for them to ask you for something. Please don’t play the ‘I am the representative of GOD’ card to much? Maybe a mentioning that you believe is enough, and just love and bless them. Don’t pressure them, and stay in contact with them. That’s all. humbly, -j

Who Am I? I’m Happy When You’re Happy,

My wife’s face light up when going on a Buzz-Light Year ride for our son. More so than I’ve ever seen when doing something for herself. When I was riding the plane back home from Hong Kong. I was uncomfortable but I wanted my son to be comfortable when sleeping, so the thought of him being sleeping well OVERCAME the discomfort and suffering (with very small ‘s’) for 5 hours back to Guam. A smile actually popped out from my face. What kind of people have my wife and I become? The same love made the LORD Jesus willing and pleased to suffer for the sins of the world. Call it sadistic, or something else, but it is beautiful, complex, and a wonderful part of being human. Go forward!

A very difficult thing – not passing, judgement

You thought I was going to say ‘gas’ didn’t you? Ha-ha, well, this post is on passing judgement. So what’s the deal? Are we to judge or not? There are verses that say we are going to judge angels, and not to judge, and to judge the immoral brother? So, huh?

When it comes to fellowship, to elders and those in leadership, the immorality of an unrepentant brother can spread through the fellowship like a cold, so that must be expelled. But, not put out totally. A caretaker, must follow up and gently correct, and restore this brother or sister. But it is best if it is done quietly. We actually would see GOD and His Angels participate and give a little push, most likely they would start the process of moving him or her out. We just jump in and do our part.

But, when it comes to judging the faults of the fellowship and anyone else. In my experience, it is better not to. Yes, you must see with open eyes who and how these persons are, but to condemn and say that they are bad or wrong is counterproductive to them reaching the point of faith. Most people are depressed about their lives, selves, and many are sincerely trying to better themselves. When we make them feel bad about themselves, it doesn’t really help. We could quietly and indirectly offer help, and pray for them. GOD and His Angels are more than capable of making people think about what they did and they DO punish as it says in the Holy Scriptures.

It is very difficult not to, but as the Scriptures say, he who smelt it first, dealt it first. Ha-ha, no that’s a paraphase. If you can see the fault of a brother, sister, or anyone else, it is because you have or had the same problem and UNDERSTAND it. Most often, the LORD Jesus says, when you can see that problem, you have it in MORE amount. They have a speck in their eye, you have a plank. When you are tempted to point of someone else’s faults with abandon, please take a moment to stop and think. Do I have the same problem STILL? If so, it would be hyprocritical to start going off on someone else for that same problem. First overcome your problem, then you would have the authority and experience to speak on that problem, and would actually be able to offer some suggestions to help them overcome, if that is what they want to do.

What I’ve been trying to tell myself is “That’s how they are! Just let them be who they are. And just love them for who they are. People can’t change people anyways. GOD changes people. So, tolerate them. Also, I’m sure this person has many good qualities! Have you tried to accentuate the positive, as they say?” Have you ever seen a smile from someone who realized that you ACCEPT them as they are, and don’t try to change them? It’s very gratifying and that’s love.

Who has the POWER?

It’s the Spirit of GOD. Not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of GOD. It may sound like churchy stuff that is not understandable by regular people, but it is actually very easy to understand. Things don’t happen by people doing it. I mean they do. But quite often, when we try to make things happen, by our design, our thinking, for our purposes only, and by our resources, ingeniunity, and power, something wonderful does happen! But, when we work w/ GOD in His Work, then something beautiful, perfect, and truly wonderful happens. And we were a part of it. I know I have ability. All of us have. But, I’m choosing to work with GOD, patiently, and in His Way, to achieve things that are beyond my scope of understanding.

The best way to describe this type of working, is that you watch to see what happens, what GOD does. It takes a while to be able to see his work. You have to be acquainted with GOD and His Ways, to be able to see. When you do, things, tasks, just kind of come your way. You have the choice to work on it, or you can be too busy to do your own thing. It’s up to you. But, most often, we have our own agenda, we have our own things we want to achieve. When you are most often doing things for GOD, for others, then you will be ready to serve GOD and others unselfishly.

The funny things is that when you serve others and stop thinking about yourself so much. GOD will take care of you. He will watch over you. He fills in, and although it is not easy to make this change, if it is truly a desire of your heart, then it will be so. Have many good deeds, love thru and thru, don’t harm, but help. May GOD bless you all,

Some thoughts on the Virgin Birth

Why the Virgin Birth? One answer could be that GOD wanted it to be clear to those who believed, especially the LORD’s parents, that the LORD Jesus was the Son of GOD. For who else could have been the father? We see in the book of Matthew that the LORD’s lineage was traced from Abraham to David to Joseph. So, His body was still created from Joseph’s seed. GOD just miraculously moved it from his ‘sac’ to Mary’s womb.

If word got out that Jesus was born out of wedlock. What would that open Him up to? Slander and disparagement. Some people would call him illegitamate and so on and so forth. But what is a legitamate son and not? Aren’t we all illegitamate, only when we meet the LORD Jesus, we are adopted into Christ, and become sons of GOD. The words bastard and illegitatmate are such ugly words. It just didn’t work out between the parents, and who suffers? The child. For that I’m a truly sorry. But GOD is always faithful and places people and angels to protect and guide the child. If only the child would not be mired by his ‘classification’. There are always positive and negative ways to think about everything.

What was the status of such a child, in the olden days? Well, it has been and always will be the same. To me, sons and daughters are sons and daughters. The main thing is that such as child would not inherit anything from his or her father. But first of all, times are changing. Even daughters are receiving inheritances now, and even back in Job’s day – it was more a case of whether the father had the means. But, if a parent remarries or has other children, that complicates things. In essence the father would have something like two families and it is best to keep them separate. But he could take care of them both.

Let’s take a side-trip to fill-in some info regarding this topic. Strictly inheritances are only what has been passed on from your father and mother. For example, if my father never really received anything from his parents, yet made millions with his own hands and with GOD, then what he gives me is not technically an inheritance. Only what he receives (is given) and passes on is an inheritance. What he earns and gives is technically just a gift. There are so many spoiled children these days that feel entitled to an inheritance. First, try earning your own bread and then we’ll speak of in. later. Even within royal families, there are many children, and I’m sure they all want to be the golden one, the crown prince or successor or heir. We are all heir in Christ. But on earth, there can only be one heir in a family. Property can be split up, but there can only be a lineage and that went from David to Solomon, who happened to be the child of Bathsheba. I’ve been told, that my heir will be my son, Joshua, who will receive the lion’s share of what I have/leave behind. With that title, comes many responsibilites which include taking care of his mother, his other siblings (if so), my death and burial, and other things.

As the LORD said, when we are recreated, we will be like the angels who are neither give or given in marriage. I believe this is that angels (when regarding sex) are more on equal footing. And that the institution of marriage is or can be detracting from the true meaning of marriage which is love and commitment. What is love? I am still a beginner when it comes to this. But it is not saying hurtful and thinking hurtful things about another person. That is not loving. Well, is a ring necessary, big wedding party? They are all ‘luxuries’, things that the ultra-rich should have, or well, not really necessary. If one doesn’t have the means, you don’t have the means. The most important witness to your marriage is GOD. And that doesn’t mean you need to go to a church or have a preacher present. You just have to marry the other person, in good conscience, and for the right reasons, so to speak.

Some people can only love so much. And that’s ok. That’s where they are. Many times we make mistakes, drop the ball, but we can always just go back and pick them up. Things should not be left undone. But in Christ, we can choose our responses. Will we allow such things to embitter and antagonize us toward good and GOD? Or do we allow adversity and suffering to shape us further into the image of GOD?

Open Mic Nites @ Church

Maybe church could be more spontaneous, if we take a literal reading of 1 Cor. 14 – verses on Good Order in Church. To me, at the basis of all of this is that GOD speaks to everyone, the whole body during the week. We all have things that GOD shared with us, and that we could share with the body. But, funny, in church now, only the pastor speaks, and is the only one to whom a ‘burden’ has been given. I’ve only been to one (An Assemblies) church which allows prophets to speak spontaneously. It’s interesting, but it would be more orderly, if she prepared something beforehand, in my opinion. If you wrote a Praise and Worship song during the week, with the LORD, that could be something to share during a framework of time of worship, kind of like Open Mic Nites.

Antagonizing the opposite of Reconciling?

Quick post, if followers of Christ have the ministry of reconciliation, which is peacemaking, basically. My thinking is that we shouldn’t be people who antagonize purposely for any reason at all. We can be good, be we must also be sensitive to what other people may want, need, how they fell or feel?

GOD slapped me in the face, now what?

What does GOD require before He can use you? Understand this.

There ARE certain universal traits, across the board character traits of GOD’s people. One that is more often than not, is the toughness. I don’t mean that in a ruff and tuff way. But, resiliency, true strength, vision and understanding. Those type of things.

When we are insulted, and who isn’t from time to time? When we are insulted, we often lash out instinctively and do psychicological and maybe physical damage. It’s better that we learn not to. I’m still working on this one. It’s a serious thing for me, b/c I’m so big, so people please pray for me on this one.

GOD’s people can take a slapp on the face. We’re crazy AND TOUCH enough to smile, turn our cheeks and offer up the next one. Why? Because the truth is, it is a hurting world. The only way people deal usu. is by kicking the next person after having been kicked. Just as Yoda, in the Star Wars movies, was able to absorb the lightning from the Dark Jedis and Siths, we must be able to ABSORB the hurt, wrongs, and sins of this world, in order to make it a better place.

But what about me? You are GOD’s chosen. So He is ALL POWERFUL. He is the One Who Heals and creates MIRACLES. Don’t worry, if you take a cold away from someone else. GOD is FAITHFUL, JUST, and TRUE. He will take it away from you.

We are to be helping people, not Ones that hurt. Leave the hurting, heavy lifting of discipline to the LORD, and the Higher Ups, and even the Angels. For us who are young in the LORD, we can just be the happy shiny people He wants us to be. Spotless, Blameless, True, Full of the Spirit of LOVE.

What is Holy? Holyiness?

Defintion time today,

What is my best definition of Holy? It is not a smug look on the face to show you are better than the common man. That it is not. Holiness simply to me, is belonging TO THE LORD JESUS.

BELONGING. As in ‘possession’ of. Totally owned. Servant and slave of.

When you are the LORD’s, then no one else can touch you. For who in their right mind would fight the LORD for something that belongs to Him.

The Sabbath. Is a Holy Day. As my earlier posts posit, it is from Saturday Sundown to Sunday Sundown. Why? Because we can see from the first page of the Bible when GOD create the days – that evening comes before morning. It is a clear allegory of what happens when we meet the GOD. Our lives are dark, then light comes. Dark before the LIGHT. On the Sabbath we are not to work for money or do anything that constitutes work. We are to rest. That is an order from the LORD. Caveots for clergy, missionaires, and other clerical type people for the LORD. They work on the Sabbath, but it’s difficult to explain why this is but that the Holy Spirit wills it so. But in general, DO NOT WORK on the Sabbath. It seems to be a harmless infringement of the Code of Conduct of GOD, but still very high on the list, even before murder and adultery. If you belong to the LORD, then it is a sign that you belong to Him, when you rest on the Sabbath. If you’re working on the Sabbath, most likely you are working in His House (temples and other houses of worship).


The New Times

What does it mean to be in a time of grace? The New Testament Times? Jesus Christ came also to show us HOW. He is and every will be the example. There have been debates about the purity of Mary Magdelene, and whether she was the beloved of Christ. I have no proof. But it is clear to me that Mary Magdelene was. And where it makes sense that she be not the one saved from stoning, it makes equal sense if not more that she was. Because Christ and her never got married, yet she remained devoted to Him. Through His love, she was transformed and isn’t that what happens to all of us, all of us since the LORD Jesus descended and stooped to care for us. We are all cruded up, vile, cursed, sick, UNTIL He loves us and buys us, cleans us up, and loves us more. As we experience and receive the LORD’s love, there will come a time when it is your turn. You are now mature in Christ. It is your turn to pass it on, so to speak. You have to love and commit unconditionally. People don’t like quitters. On a side note, talk of existing blood brothers and sisters of Christ (Scions?) which is not really that important. For it is a heart thing. Being a follower of Christ lies not in the blood but in the spiritual obedience to Christ. Scions of course exist, because Jesus Christ had blood brothers and sisters. Digression, just love it. Be blessed this week!

Men, Be A Dishwasher

Why? B/c in a restaurant, the dishwashers are usually men anyways. Water get hot and sweaty, women don’t like that. Drying and putting away dishes is kind of heavy and scary for women. What if they break a dish. And pots and pans can be very heavy to wash – for women. So what’s manlier than washing dishes? Hm? haha. Just do it. Your wife, girlfriend will love you for it. And isn’t that what we all want?

Two Little Things I’ve Learnt Not to Say About GOD,

One, that GOD is unfair. He is Justice Himself. When we say life is unfair or that GOD is unfair, those are two separate things. Life is often unfair, but is often a test of our response. One, we can allow life, bad things to make us worse. We can learn the bad things that happen to us. Or two, we can take the bad with the good, and learn to rise above all those things. It sounds like churchy b.s., but practically, just test GOD. Go ahead, test Him. When something bad happens to you. Don’t get mad about it right away. Just ask. Why is this happening to me? What is GOD trying to teach me? Or what is the Higher Power trying to test me? If you fail a test, just watch. It will come again. In a different form, but testing the same biblical principles. GOD is shaping your character. If you spend enough time in prayer with Him. He is faithful to tell what is going on. Maybe your head will doubt you’ve heard from the LORD Jesus, but your heart and the Spirit within you will confirm and you will know.

The second thing I am learning not to say is that it is unfruitful or there is no advantage to serving the LORD or good. That is a myth and something we all hear. We think that evil people profit and good people are poor and suffering. No!!! GOD is rich. He owns it all. He is a GREAT KING, and should be treated as such. But He is your Daddy too. :-) When you reach maturity, He will to you. Children are like slaves in that they do not receive the inheritance but b/c they know not what to do with it yet. So, child of GOD, be patient, be happy-joyful, and grow in the LORD. In due time, your time will come. The wicked will not last, they never do. And what belongs to them will become yours. Maybe it is hard to see that. But that is the truth. One thing I’m starting to see, related to this, is that true riches are people; people’s souls. The LORD Jesus himself, said: If you are not faithful in the little things, how can He trust you in big things. Faithfulness with earthly riches are smaller compared with being entrusted with heavenly riches. Earthly riches are something we can use to win people back over to the LORD. It’s a participation. We shouldn’t think we are doing it FOR the LORD. He is very well and capable of doing by Himself. In the process of working with the LORD, we will be blessed.