Two Little Things I’ve Learnt Not to Say About GOD,

One, that GOD is unfair. He is Justice Himself. When we say life is unfair or that GOD is unfair, those are two separate things. Life is often unfair, but is often a test of our response. One, we can allow life, bad things to make us worse. We can learn the bad things that happen to us. Or two, we can take the bad with the good, and learn to rise above all those things. It sounds like churchy b.s., but practically, just test GOD. Go ahead, test Him. When something bad happens to you. Don’t get mad about it right away. Just ask. Why is this happening to me? What is GOD trying to teach me? Or what is the Higher Power trying to test me? If you fail a test, just watch. It will come again. In a different form, but testing the same biblical principles. GOD is shaping your character. If you spend enough time in prayer with Him. He is faithful to tell what is going on. Maybe your head will doubt you’ve heard from the LORD Jesus, but your heart and the Spirit within you will confirm and you will know.

The second thing I am learning not to say is that it is unfruitful or there is no advantage to serving the LORD or good. That is a myth and something we all hear. We think that evil people profit and good people are poor and suffering. No!!! GOD is rich. He owns it all. He is a GREAT KING, and should be treated as such. But He is your Daddy too. :-) When you reach maturity, He will to you. Children are like slaves in that they do not receive the inheritance but b/c they know not what to do with it yet. So, child of GOD, be patient, be happy-joyful, and grow in the LORD. In due time, your time will come. The wicked will not last, they never do. And what belongs to them will become yours. Maybe it is hard to see that. But that is the truth. One thing I’m starting to see, related to this, is that true riches are people; people’s souls. The LORD Jesus himself, said: If you are not faithful in the little things, how can He trust you in big things. Faithfulness with earthly riches are smaller compared with being entrusted with heavenly riches. Earthly riches are something we can use to win people back over to the LORD. It’s a participation. We shouldn’t think we are doing it FOR the LORD. He is very well and capable of doing by Himself. In the process of working with the LORD, we will be blessed.

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