Some thoughts on the Virgin Birth

Why the Virgin Birth? One answer could be that GOD wanted it to be clear to those who believed, especially the LORD’s parents, that the LORD Jesus was the Son of GOD. For who else could have been the father? We see in the book of Matthew that the LORD’s lineage was traced from Abraham to David to Joseph. So, His body was still created from Joseph’s seed. GOD just miraculously moved it from his ‘sac’ to Mary’s womb.

If word got out that Jesus was born out of wedlock. What would that open Him up to? Slander and disparagement. Some people would call him illegitamate and so on and so forth. But what is a legitamate son and not? Aren’t we all illegitamate, only when we meet the LORD Jesus, we are adopted into Christ, and become sons of GOD. The words bastard and illegitatmate are such ugly words. It just didn’t work out between the parents, and who suffers? The child. For that I’m a truly sorry. But GOD is always faithful and places people and angels to protect and guide the child. If only the child would not be mired by his ‘classification’. There are always positive and negative ways to think about everything.

What was the status of such a child, in the olden days? Well, it has been and always will be the same. To me, sons and daughters are sons and daughters. The main thing is that such as child would not inherit anything from his or her father. But first of all, times are changing. Even daughters are receiving inheritances now, and even back in Job’s day – it was more a case of whether the father had the means. But, if a parent remarries or has other children, that complicates things. In essence the father would have something like two families and it is best to keep them separate. But he could take care of them both.

Let’s take a side-trip to fill-in some info regarding this topic. Strictly inheritances are only what has been passed on from your father and mother. For example, if my father never really received anything from his parents, yet made millions with his own hands and with GOD, then what he gives me is not technically an inheritance. Only what he receives (is given) and passes on is an inheritance. What he earns and gives is technically just a gift. There are so many spoiled children these days that feel entitled to an inheritance. First, try earning your own bread and then we’ll speak of in. later. Even within royal families, there are many children, and I’m sure they all want to be the golden one, the crown prince or successor or heir. We are all heir in Christ. But on earth, there can only be one heir in a family. Property can be split up, but there can only be a lineage and that went from David to Solomon, who happened to be the child of Bathsheba. I’ve been told, that my heir will be my son, Joshua, who will receive the lion’s share of what I have/leave behind. With that title, comes many responsibilites which include taking care of his mother, his other siblings (if so), my death and burial, and other things.

As the LORD said, when we are recreated, we will be like the angels who are neither give or given in marriage. I believe this is that angels (when regarding sex) are more on equal footing. And that the institution of marriage is or can be detracting from the true meaning of marriage which is love and commitment. What is love? I am still a beginner when it comes to this. But it is not saying hurtful and thinking hurtful things about another person. That is not loving. Well, is a ring necessary, big wedding party? They are all ‘luxuries’, things that the ultra-rich should have, or well, not really necessary. If one doesn’t have the means, you don’t have the means. The most important witness to your marriage is GOD. And that doesn’t mean you need to go to a church or have a preacher present. You just have to marry the other person, in good conscience, and for the right reasons, so to speak.

Some people can only love so much. And that’s ok. That’s where they are. Many times we make mistakes, drop the ball, but we can always just go back and pick them up. Things should not be left undone. But in Christ, we can choose our responses. Will we allow such things to embitter and antagonize us toward good and GOD? Or do we allow adversity and suffering to shape us further into the image of GOD?

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