A very difficult thing – not passing, judgement

You thought I was going to say ‘gas’ didn’t you? Ha-ha, well, this post is on passing judgement. So what’s the deal? Are we to judge or not? There are verses that say we are going to judge angels, and not to judge, and to judge the immoral brother? So, huh?

When it comes to fellowship, to elders and those in leadership, the immorality of an unrepentant brother can spread through the fellowship like a cold, so that must be expelled. But, not put out totally. A caretaker, must follow up and gently correct, and restore this brother or sister. But it is best if it is done quietly. We actually would see GOD and His Angels participate and give a little push, most likely they would start the process of moving him or her out. We just jump in and do our part.

But, when it comes to judging the faults of the fellowship and anyone else. In my experience, it is better not to. Yes, you must see with open eyes who and how these persons are, but to condemn and say that they are bad or wrong is counterproductive to them reaching the point of faith. Most people are depressed about their lives, selves, and many are sincerely trying to better themselves. When we make them feel bad about themselves, it doesn’t really help. We could quietly and indirectly offer help, and pray for them. GOD and His Angels are more than capable of making people think about what they did and they DO punish as it says in the Holy Scriptures.

It is very difficult not to, but as the Scriptures say, he who smelt it first, dealt it first. Ha-ha, no that’s a paraphase. If you can see the fault of a brother, sister, or anyone else, it is because you have or had the same problem and UNDERSTAND it. Most often, the LORD Jesus says, when you can see that problem, you have it in MORE amount. They have a speck in their eye, you have a plank. When you are tempted to point of someone else’s faults with abandon, please take a moment to stop and think. Do I have the same problem STILL? If so, it would be hyprocritical to start going off on someone else for that same problem. First overcome your problem, then you would have the authority and experience to speak on that problem, and would actually be able to offer some suggestions to help them overcome, if that is what they want to do.

What I’ve been trying to tell myself is “That’s how they are! Just let them be who they are. And just love them for who they are. People can’t change people anyways. GOD changes people. So, tolerate them. Also, I’m sure this person has many good qualities! Have you tried to accentuate the positive, as they say?” Have you ever seen a smile from someone who realized that you ACCEPT them as they are, and don’t try to change them? It’s very gratifying and that’s love.

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