Ultimate Glory and ultimate blame

Who gets all the singing, bowing, crying, scraping (as said)? GOD of course! So much so, we think He is some kind of egomaniac?` No, of course He is not. At the same time, I’ve noticed, that He always bears ultimate blame and responsibility for everything. EVERYTHING. When you are the daddy in the family, or the lead in a group, whenever anything bad happens, usually the blame just falls on you. Often, there is NO reason why things got bad, just that they did. But, it is human nature to want to place blame and get mad or direct anger at someone or something. Often that is you, the daddy, or the lead of the group. It doesn’t feel good, but it is something I’m learning to accept. Just because it is so. It is the same but at a much greater scale with GOD.

Where am I going with this? I just read Matthew 4 again – Salt and Light. Believers are Salt and Light. In the second part, of light, if you know what I’m saying, Jesus the LORD says that your Light will allow men (non-believers) to see your good deeds and glorify the LORD. What does that mean? At the root of all this, is that life is not fair. Many bad things have happened to people, or someone has had a family history of disobeying the LORD, so their lives are not good. They blame GOD for their suffering, and they HATE GOD. You being around them, is GOD reaching out to them. You ‘happening’ to be there, is actually divinely arranged, so let’s do our best not to lose the opportunities. So, you have a part to bless them and help them as best you can. Don’t force anything on them, and don’t presume anything. The best thing, in my experience is to gently ask, or wait for them to ask you for something. Please don’t play the ‘I am the representative of GOD’ card to much? Maybe a mentioning that you believe is enough, and just love and bless them. Don’t pressure them, and stay in contact with them. That’s all. humbly, -j

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