Matthew 6, ‘Treasures in Heaven’

Hi, I finally understand the jumps in the text of Matthew 6:19-24. Hear, if you have ears to, if you have eyes to see, see! What these verses are talking about are people basically. True treasures are PEOPLE! We are to use what we have (material things) to bless people, NOT spoil them though. When people are blessed and happy they will naturally seek to glorify GOD. Since the text is talking about people being the treasures, the next jump is the ‘eyes’ being people. Remember in 1 Corinthians talking about body of Christ? Eyes are followers of GOD who function as eyes in the body of Christ. Every body has eyes (two eyes = male and female, the couple who functions as eyes). So how can a body of Christ be filled with darkness? It is doubly or very bad for a body of Christ to be filled with darkness is what verse 23 is saying. So there is GREAT responsibility on the ‘eyes’ or dare I say prophets to be following the LORD. It is important for them to have their eyes on the LORD and not on money. When the ‘eyes’ of a body are focused on money, then the body will not be filled with light.

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