Prayer, It IS the most POWERFUL thing we can do

In this material, physical world.

In this time of JAPAN being totally devasted.

In this bad, economy.

We want to do something. It is good to act. But, FIRST, let me suggest that we do as Justin Bieber says, “PRAY”.



We, ALL, especially the elect, should be praying people. How do we pray? The LORD says in secret. Prayer is done privately, it is done after watching and seeing what needs to happen, it is done with a sincere heart, and it should be done expectently. This one, is important. It is better to watch for answers to your prayers, for often they come quickly, but we don’t track them or really care if prayer is answered or not.

Some more difficult things, like praying through a calamity like Japan, is difficult and do so if your heart moves you to. What I’d like to say is that my life was in jeopardy after a car accident. A series of chain emails got a large group of people praying for me, and I know that it was that supplication and movement that tipped the scales back into, me coming back to life. If that makes sense. Because I was as good as dead, that 10 years ago.

Another story from the Bible, book of Kings. Hezekiah, the Great King, was facing total wipe out of Israel by a large army. He had no resort, he just kneeled down and threw his all on the mercy of GOD. And GOD Heard His Prayer. The enemy encamped hundreds of thousands of soldiers at the wall of Israel. GOD sent his Angel of Death, and the next morning, the soldiers were ALL dead. What did King Hezekiah say? I imagine it must have been such a beautiful, heart-felt, passionate plea – one that moved the LORD’s heart and hand in such a dramatic way. Do you understand?

Imagine, being the invading king, what would you think? Does GOD act in this way anymore? I haven’t heard of anything so dramatic. But the tragedy in JAPAN comes close. The tsunami, the earthquakes, all considered acts of GOD, of the gods, it all comes close. What do I have to say about the sinfulness of JAPAN or lack thereof? Nothing. I’ve learned in my 4o years of life on this earth that sometimes I just don’t know. But, this is a sad thing. This is a real thing. And they need help.

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