Jesus’ Jokes – Mark 15

Where is the humor of Jesus Christ? There is one joke in Mark 15 – When Pilate asks Him, “Are you the King of Jews?” Jesus replies, “You have said so”.

Basically, Jesus is saying you just called me ‘King’, so I am. And this joke in the face of death, and before going to the Cross. Jesus was a tough guy.

You ever say to someone, ‘…master of ceremonies…’, and the person says I like it when you call me master. This is the same kind of joke, silly.

Adam loved Eve

There are so many stories flying off of Adam and Eve. Sometimes people projecting their problems and issues to be interpretations of their stories. But here’s one thing I see – Adam loved Eve. He blamed her, but he loved her. Why do I say that? Because he KNEW the rule not to eat. She ate first, and when he saw that she would die. He then ate it too, because she was his one and only. That’s faithfulness unto life and unto death. That’s dedication, and that’s also very romantic if you think about it ladies. God bless,

Godliness WITH Contentment

The word ‘contentment’ appears only 3 x in the Bible. Contentment is something sorely missing in society today. We chase the American Dream, and even want to live high on the hog so to speak, like Gordon Gekko. But, is that reality? GOD measures out provisions for everyone according to His plan. What we can handle, and what is REALLY good for us. We are NOT to be lazy, but to make the best out of the opportunities that He puts in our lives, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I’ve come to see, that if we are doing good and doing our best, what we have at the end of the day is what we get. That is what the LORD is giving us. And we SHOULD be happy with that. Because He is LORD and He knows best. That is faith and that is trusting in Him. God bless,

Drug use and Spirituality

It is a widely known fact that drugs are among other things fun to use. Drugs like pot, coke (not so much for what I’m going to talk about), ecstasy, and shrooms. I did, but am now not proud of that fact, b/c it is not legal. There is most likely a lot of B.S. with why they are illegal and there is money to be made with them legal or illegal. But, for now, my position on recreational drugs is to NOT use them, AT ALL.

It is also a known fact that for every so many people, GOD raises up a prophet. This is because we have federal government, we have local governments, we have the military (which is like a country of it’s own), but who? Who is really representing GOD’s interests here on this earth? The clergy do a great job at what they do, but who is really fighting for GOD’s interests? It is the prophets. And like any governmental official, they are representative of the people they keep mostly in prayer or some other ways.

If you feel you are one. Do not become proud. As GOD told Elijah after he showed the prophets of Baal that YHWH was the One TRUE GOD, there are more prophets than you know. Most often it is because true prophets do things quietly and without drawing undue attention to themselves. If GOD gives them fame then they take it, but most like to work behind the scenes.

Prophets operate in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. They phase back in forth in their understanding, and also they ‘hear’ the voice of their LORD and Saviour, the LORD Jesus CHrist who is the Creator of All Things. Drugs like pot, e, shrooms open up the mind to spiritual type things. They assist in ‘awakening’. But a word of caution, they are not legal, sometimes not safe, and sometimes people using them are not careful. So, my take is do not take them. DO NOT.

If you have suffering, if you have problems. There are many other ways to assuage them. It is always through suffering and adversity that GOD shapes his champions. So perservere and do not fear for the LORD is working on all – all the time. Learning to see GOD at work everywhere is key. Please pray on that. Although the BIBLE, to me, is authority on all matters. To you it may just be one of many Holy Books, but there is much wisdom, especially on virtue and how to be a good person in there. Definitely worth a look, b/c if you believe in good ruling the Universe, the higher power(s) will reward you for your righteousness and good deeds. God bless,

Demonic Attacks

Do we fear it? Yes, but did we deserve it? Again the answer is yes. I’m coming to realize that demons serve a purpose which is to punish evil-doers, whether they are GOD’s people or not. How do the bad spirits come into your life? Usually through some sin(hole) in your heart. For example, when I sold my house. I greedily wanted to make a lot of money by investing that money. I had greed in my heart. This was a hole for bad things to happen. A salesman used the right words and painted the right picture of me making a lot of money by investing with him. That guy is my friend now, but that’s another story. So I gave over the money to him. He held it for a while, but gave it back eventually. My wife and I nearly had heart attacks a few times, when we panicked and thought he wouldn’t ever give the money back. Ha-ah, ah well, it was fun now that I think back. Haha.

Is There Any Other Way? No, Only One Way

As our LORD Jesus, asked? Is there any other way? The answer, in silence, was no. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. I love you too, Daddy.

What I am saying is that if you choose to follow Jesus and take up your cross, every one’s job is a little different, unique to the person, but it mainly involves self-sacrifice, … you have to take the hit. You have to believe in the mission to love and take away the sins of the world. You cannot love people half way. Although in the beginning you are still learning, you may seemingly fall short, but believe that GOD got you.

You cannot go down the narrow path and turn. You must commit to His Way. After all, He did it for you. You can now see how He did it. His kindness, His love, His strength turned you around, and allowed you to forgive yourself, and allow healing to come in, and allowed you to become YOU, and then love in return.

God bless,

Signs of the Believer

Are you a believer? Then what do the Gospels say (what does GOD say?)? A few sure signs of the believer:

1) demons will be driven away.
2) you will speak in new tongues
3) you will pick up snakes by the tail
4) you will drink poison and live
5) you will put your hands on others and they will be well, instead of sick.

What does this mean? YOU CAN DO THIS. Open your eyes, do demons flee from you? Are you learning new languages if you see there is opportunity, you can do it! When you do it, that is a sign to others and GOD! ;-p Picking up snakes and drinking poison is FIGURATIVE. Moses, a figure of prophetic in the Bible, threw down his rod, it became a snake, and he picked it up. Poison is the poison of the snake of all kinds of sin, especially idolatry. And have you ever tried to lay hands on the sick? Maybe not in a dramatic way, but they will be healed after your prayer of faith.

Signs. Everyone wants to see some kind of big dramatic sign. But these are small, subtle signs for a truly dedicated and discerning follower of Christ to note.

Are You Looking For TRUTH?

What is the Truth? In philosophy class, some argued that there is no absolute truth. The truth is GOD, actually. But practically, if you don’t have truth, and want it, you won’t get it in droves by going to church or some other ‘holy’ place.

It starts within you. Truth is spiritual. It is personal and universal. When you wholeheartedly practice truth, your life, your world becomes truth. You become truth, and learn to see lies and hear lies, to discern lies, and that’s good. You will learn how to sidestep truth/lie landmines, and your life will be more peaceful.

Truth goes hand-in-hand with some other spiritual ‘virtues’. Such as diligence. If you are too lazy, you will not learn to love truth, b/c honestly good things are often not easy things. They will become easier as you practice them more.

As George Carlin said, church is the perpetrator of some of the biggest B.S., so everywhere you go don’t be surprised if there is b.s. AND truth. Within your own family, there are those that oppose you and help you. Within your own ‘self’ of body, soul, and spirit, there are forces that oppose you and help you.

A good way to start is to be honest with yourself. Take some time to examine you life, your motives, your choices, your dedication to others and GOD. God bless,

Some Insight Into Chinese Business Culture

Chinese are not really good bosses. In my area of the world, Guam, the ones that can work for Chinese are usually filipinos, b/c I see that filipinos are just really nice people.

Chinese make people work very hard for very little pay. They themselves at one time worked for some one else, so they don’t want to be in that position anymore. That’s why Chinese are so ‘entreupeurial’. It’s b/c they don’t want to work for someone else, but they’ve never worked for a good company. By western standards, Chinese are cheap. By opening your own business, you can rake in the profits, keep most of the profits, and cut corners, and even evade paying things. Note that this is the norm, and not true for all Chinese businessmen.

Chinese are mostly small merchants. Although to some cockaroaches like me, they seem to be big businessmen, they’re mostly not. Chinese have many values and cultural habits that make them very successful, among them the work ethic.

Accepting the BAD

In today’s world, we are told to seek blessings, happiness, and all that good stuff. That is good and true, but what about the bad? Remember Job and his suffering. His response at that time to his wife was should we not accept bad from the LORD as well.

Wisdom for the ages.

If we do wrong, and that is often. Should we not accept some form of punishment? Who knows what the LORD is doing, and that we may play a part of it. So sometimes we receive something bad for a reason only known to the LORD. I’ve seen a lot of suffering, and it’s just hardened and strengthen’d my spirit. It’s filled with me more resolve, patience, joy, and POWER.

Just Call HIM ‘Daddy’,

One thing, the sound I loved, loved, loved to hear, and still do is the sound of my little boy calling me. Calling me ‘daddy’. And the sound of my wife calling me, but that’s another blog post.

When you pray, just think or pray within by calling GOD, our LORD, Daddy. He’ll love it! And to me, pleasing Him is very important. It’ll also change the way you relate and come to the LORD in prayer.

Try it, when something bad happens. Just think (pray), ‘aw, Daddy, …’. Daddy help me! Please! Daddy, Daddy I love you.

:-), GOD bless you,

Oh Snap! Jesus has flipped out!

If we look at Mark 3:20-34, Jesus’ own family comes to get Him. And He is mad at them, saying his disciples are His true family. What happened? Please look at this:

Not only does this confirm that Jesus was a working person, not lazy and depending on others for a handout. It doesn’t really glorify GOD, when His representative does not or cannot provide for themselves. Jesus provided like crazy – remember the feeding of the 5,000 and the feeding of the 4,000?

My point here is that I agree that for a long time, being the eldest in His family, Jesus Christ had to work hard in His family business and provide for His family. Then it seems all of the sudden, He had other interests. He became an itinerant or roving preacher. It must have been abrupt, because His family came to get Him, this crazy guy.

Why was Jesus a ‘RoCk Star’?

Many, many people came from everywhere to see Jesus. Many people followed him to hear what He had so say, or to eat His bread.

In my 40 years of life, the human level – as they say is very important. People follow or go to Jesus because of their need. And that’s OK. Helping people w/ their needs is good works, which a good follower of Christ or worker of GOD would credit to GOD, so it results in His (GOD’s) praise and the love to GOD.

Jesus was followed, b/c He could chase demons, heal the sick of all kinds of diseases. And He did it freely and willingly. He was generous w/ His time and spirit as He preached and teached people all kinds of things that would help them.

People are selfish. ‘Selfsish’. But, sometimes seen through the lens of compassion, we can merely say that people have needs. Unfortunately, it seems there is a limit to what can be done, and maybe that’s for the best. But, we keep on helping, doing good, and don’t forget to pray, pray, pray for people.

Tell a Demon To Get Out

Have you every looked at a person you loved, or just knew’s face – and saw a expression that wasn’t quite right? It looked bad?

Maybe there is a demon in there. I’ve told them to ‘get out’. I’ve thought that they should get out. I’ve prayed that they get out. And what happened? That person changed. Maybe it wasn’t me, but GOD removed that presence from her.

Jesus Christ expelled demons in a dramatic way. As followers we are to do the same. But, that’s just not my style. I’m doing it, just quietly. And I know that’s OK. GOD creates us with our own personalities and styles and ways of doing things. So, you know.

GOD bless you,


I had this thought when I was reading Mark 1. John the Baptist, all of the sudden started to baptise people for repentence for the forgiveness of sins. Does this mean that people were forgiven at that baptism. I’m no pro, but I think it was a baptism in preparation (just as John was a herald, preparing the Way of Jesus), for Jesus, who was the Forgiveness of GOD.

So, what does this mean? In some strange way, since GOD is in charge of destiny and fate and signs and all that jazz, we need to submit to the baptism of water as a first step, outward sign of our beginning walk with the One True GOD, YHWH and His SON, Yeshua or Jesus the Christ.

But, back to what John was doing. It must have been strange to see this ‘new’ practice. The Pharisees and Sadducees did not understand this new ritual. But, who told John to do that? GOD of course. Did anyone else really know that GOD told him to do that? No, not really. So there must have been people challenging his doing and his authority. What can anyone who is charged by GOD to do something do to PROVE their authority? My thought is that you just keep doing good, and don’t need to prove it. Everyone lives the best they can. You must keep your life good and pure, and keep doing good, and stay in touch (contact – abide) with the Christ. I’ve seen a wonder or two accompany me, small wonders, but they were the work of the Holy Spirit in the midst of us. But, mostly, my point is that if GOD tells/asks you to do it, just do it. And leave the credit and all that jazz to GOD.

GOD is doing everything. He is involved in all kinds of works. Not just Bible studying and singing. GOD’s people are everywhere. And His Angels everywhere. Don’t be afraid, He is always by your side, and is always protecting you. Stay under His Wing, stay in His Ways, in His Truth, and STAND FIRM. GOD will do everything else. He is your Almighty DADDY. Don’t worry.

Do You REALLY believe GOD loves you?

Then you will love and receive love in return. You will not be harsh, but be patient. You will accept people as they are, and pray for their change and deliverance.

When you really understand love, you will read the Bible differently and hear that GOD is not harsh on those He calls His children, but He is harsh on those who would harm His children. When you know which One category you belong to, then you will read those passages in the Bible with clarity and be assured in this life and the next that – GOD LOVES YOU. God bless,

Do You Have the Law?

When I say do you have the Law? I mean do you have GOD? B/c GOD and the Law can be used interchangeably. Do you keep the law? Some man-made laws are not perfect, but in honoring the Law, we keep the laws of the land. Something as harmless as pot smoking can be something to pray about. We need to be able to say that we are law keepers. That is very important to your testimony as a follower of Christ. It’s not easy to give up things, things we really love for the LORD. But sometimes we have to choose. In the next life, it will probably be easier.

Oneness and Grace – Being Sinless

I am not sinless, yet there are who claim to be.

I’ve read many people, believers, who get mad at those who make these claims, when it IS totally possible. The Bible mentions sinless people, but who still died b/c they were born into sin, and b/c the decree of GOD stands. We, mankind, all die, b/c to dust we will return.

It is hard for people to reconcile different parts of Scripture, b/c I’m guessing in your hearts, you have many unresolved issues with people now or people from your past. It clouds your understanding. Maybe you struggle with your sin and are discontent w/ your current status. But it doesn’t negate the fact that sinlessness IS POSSIBLE. (more…)

Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is near!

What does this mean? John the Baptist was actually the first to say this. It means a lot of things at a lot of different levels, but basically it means – GOD is near you. GOD wants you. You have a chance to be part of a perfect Heavenly Kingdom, under Christ, the Son of GOD. It takes a decision by you, it takes co-operation w/ the Spirit of the LORD, with the LORD himself, Jesus Christ. It takes effort and prayer by you. It takes submission, loyalty, and faith, hope, and love. It will take everything you got.

I’ll just tell you. It may be hard to understand, but you may be a prince or princess of GOD, created before the foundations of the world, along w/ the Christ. I don’t know if it’s in the spirit or soul or what, I just don’t know yet. But if that’s who you are – you WILL FOLLOW the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, our LORD. You will follow Him wherever He leads, you will do whatever He says. You are one of the 144,000. This number is figurative. It is a multiple of 12 * 12, which to me stands for all nations, all people. The LORD Jesus has a color guard or honor guard, and that could be you. Our King, the Messiah has an entourage – and that could be you.