Oneness and Grace – Being Sinless

I am not sinless, yet there are who claim to be.

I’ve read many people, believers, who get mad at those who make these claims, when it IS totally possible. The Bible mentions sinless people, but who still died b/c they were born into sin, and b/c the decree of GOD stands. We, mankind, all die, b/c to dust we will return.

It is hard for people to reconcile different parts of Scripture, b/c I’m guessing in your hearts, you have many unresolved issues with people now or people from your past. It clouds your understanding. Maybe you struggle with your sin and are discontent w/ your current status. But it doesn’t negate the fact that sinlessness IS POSSIBLE.

How does one reconcile that we are imperfect saints (yet there are perfect saints!@), yet we can claim sinlessness or actually be sinless. In my understanding right now, I hope you follow this thinking, if you abide in Christ. If you are following Him with ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, and STRENGTH – what MORE can/does HE ask? If you have a friend you is trying his/her best to be your friend, but it’s not enough for you, can you really blame him/her? Jesus Christ works with us. He is so patient with us. It is true He covers us all, so in that regard, His blood covers all our sins. But, have you ever experienced doing something ‘wrong’ but it actually served His purpose? That is a case where our understanding of wrong ends, and GOD’s rule and direction is. GOD is the Ultimate Judge of Right and Wrong – but if you are abiding and obeying Him, things that seem wrong to you, might actually be right b/c you are obeying Him.

Many people are too independent to understand true Oneness. To understand that when GOD, Jesus the Christ, covers you – – you ARE His Righteousness. You are dare I say, sinless. Yes, I understand, He covers you, but do you understand? You are perfect and sinless. It is difficult to understand the different layers and duality, but you will. When you continually devotedly walk w/ the LORD, He changes you. I don’t struggle at all, with many sins I have a little while ago. The LORD just takes them away after a while/or gives you victory over them. Sins are also like weakness that you succumb to. The LORD will make you strong to resist and actually dislike sinning. Over a long period of time, it IS possible to be sinless. Yes, we also have sinned. But, the LORD remembers them no more. And neither should you. It is a fine line to have humility that we are human, and also know that we no longer are under the power of sin.

Grace is also hard to understand but over time. True graciousness is true generosity. There really are hardly any people in the world that don’t want somethings. GOD doesn’t want anything in return for His gifts. But, if you choose to be His disciple there is the requirement of absolute obedience. A lot of people either want the benefits from GOD but no responsibility – that’s being spoiled or they want to be unhappy servants of the LORD. There is kind of a middle ground. Understanding GOD’s grace requires that you understand HOW GREAT, GREAT, GREAT G-D is!@! Is there anything GOD can’t do or give?

Where I’m going with this is. Jesus our LORD IS going to present you perfect and blameless to the FATHER. Why isn’t it possible to be sinless? If it takes a million years of thousand upon thousands of lifetimes – even then – is it possible? If you read the Bible, there is a numerical limit to the number of commands. Maybe three hundred? May you be empowered to be able to follow and not break three hundred commands? Yes, it is NOT that difficult? But as the saints say, it is not just about follow the rules, although THEY ARE GOD’s rules. The emphasis is on life – because so many of us have that perfectionist tendency. GOD is not harsh, but loving. If you earnestly seek Him, stick with Him, and be like Him, everything will just fall into place. Just do your part, and GOD does the rest. It’s really more like 99% GOD, and 1% us. That 1% is a lot! But, it is such an important %.

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