Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is near!

What does this mean? John the Baptist was actually the first to say this. It means a lot of things at a lot of different levels, but basically it means – GOD is near you. GOD wants you. You have a chance to be part of a perfect Heavenly Kingdom, under Christ, the Son of GOD. It takes a decision by you, it takes co-operation w/ the Spirit of the LORD, with the LORD himself, Jesus Christ. It takes effort and prayer by you. It takes submission, loyalty, and faith, hope, and love. It will take everything you got.

I’ll just tell you. It may be hard to understand, but you may be a prince or princess of GOD, created before the foundations of the world, along w/ the Christ. I don’t know if it’s in the spirit or soul or what, I just don’t know yet. But if that’s who you are – you WILL FOLLOW the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, our LORD. You will follow Him wherever He leads, you will do whatever He says. You are one of the 144,000. This number is figurative. It is a multiple of 12 * 12, which to me stands for all nations, all people. The LORD Jesus has a color guard or honor guard, and that could be you. Our King, the Messiah has an entourage – and that could be you.

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