Oh Snap! Jesus has flipped out!

If we look at Mark 3:20-34, Jesus’ own family comes to get Him. And He is mad at them, saying his disciples are His true family. What happened? Please look at this:

Not only does this confirm that Jesus was a working person, not lazy and depending on others for a handout. It doesn’t really glorify GOD, when His representative does not or cannot provide for themselves. Jesus provided like crazy – remember the feeding of the 5,000 and the feeding of the 4,000?

My point here is that I agree that for a long time, being the eldest in His family, Jesus Christ had to work hard in His family business and provide for His family. Then it seems all of the sudden, He had other interests. He became an itinerant or roving preacher. It must have been abrupt, because His family came to get Him, this crazy guy.

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