Some Insight Into Chinese Business Culture

Chinese are not really good bosses. In my area of the world, Guam, the ones that can work for Chinese are usually filipinos, b/c I see that filipinos are just really nice people.

Chinese make people work very hard for very little pay. They themselves at one time worked for some one else, so they don’t want to be in that position anymore. That’s why Chinese are so ‘entreupeurial’. It’s b/c they don’t want to work for someone else, but they’ve never worked for a good company. By western standards, Chinese are cheap. By opening your own business, you can rake in the profits, keep most of the profits, and cut corners, and even evade paying things. Note that this is the norm, and not true for all Chinese businessmen.

Chinese are mostly small merchants. Although to some cockaroaches like me, they seem to be big businessmen, they’re mostly not. Chinese have many values and cultural habits that make them very successful, among them the work ethic.

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