Signs of the Believer

Are you a believer? Then what do the Gospels say (what does GOD say?)? A few sure signs of the believer:

1) demons will be driven away.
2) you will speak in new tongues
3) you will pick up snakes by the tail
4) you will drink poison and live
5) you will put your hands on others and they will be well, instead of sick.

What does this mean? YOU CAN DO THIS. Open your eyes, do demons flee from you? Are you learning new languages if you see there is opportunity, you can do it! When you do it, that is a sign to others and GOD! ;-p Picking up snakes and drinking poison is FIGURATIVE. Moses, a figure of prophetic in the Bible, threw down his rod, it became a snake, and he picked it up. Poison is the poison of the snake of all kinds of sin, especially idolatry. And have you ever tried to lay hands on the sick? Maybe not in a dramatic way, but they will be healed after your prayer of faith.

Signs. Everyone wants to see some kind of big dramatic sign. But these are small, subtle signs for a truly dedicated and discerning follower of Christ to note.

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