Demonic Attacks

Do we fear it? Yes, but did we deserve it? Again the answer is yes. I’m coming to realize that demons serve a purpose which is to punish evil-doers, whether they are GOD’s people or not. How do the bad spirits come into your life? Usually through some sin(hole) in your heart. For example, when I sold my house. I greedily wanted to make a lot of money by investing that money. I had greed in my heart. This was a hole for bad things to happen. A salesman used the right words and painted the right picture of me making a lot of money by investing with him. That guy is my friend now, but that’s another story. So I gave over the money to him. He held it for a while, but gave it back eventually. My wife and I nearly had heart attacks a few times, when we panicked and thought he wouldn’t ever give the money back. Ha-ah, ah well, it was fun now that I think back. Haha.

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