Drug use and Spirituality

It is a widely known fact that drugs are among other things fun to use. Drugs like pot, coke (not so much for what I’m going to talk about), ecstasy, and shrooms. I did, but am now not proud of that fact, b/c it is not legal. There is most likely a lot of B.S. with why they are illegal and there is money to be made with them legal or illegal. But, for now, my position on recreational drugs is to NOT use them, AT ALL.

It is also a known fact that for every so many people, GOD raises up a prophet. This is because we have federal government, we have local governments, we have the military (which is like a country of it’s own), but who? Who is really representing GOD’s interests here on this earth? The clergy do a great job at what they do, but who is really fighting for GOD’s interests? It is the prophets. And like any governmental official, they are representative of the people they keep mostly in prayer or some other ways.

If you feel you are one. Do not become proud. As GOD told Elijah after he showed the prophets of Baal that YHWH was the One TRUE GOD, there are more prophets than you know. Most often it is because true prophets do things quietly and without drawing undue attention to themselves. If GOD gives them fame then they take it, but most like to work behind the scenes.

Prophets operate in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. They phase back in forth in their understanding, and also they ‘hear’ the voice of their LORD and Saviour, the LORD Jesus CHrist who is the Creator of All Things. Drugs like pot, e, shrooms open up the mind to spiritual type things. They assist in ‘awakening’. But a word of caution, they are not legal, sometimes not safe, and sometimes people using them are not careful. So, my take is do not take them. DO NOT.

If you have suffering, if you have problems. There are many other ways to assuage them. It is always through suffering and adversity that GOD shapes his champions. So perservere and do not fear for the LORD is working on all – all the time. Learning to see GOD at work everywhere is key. Please pray on that. Although the BIBLE, to me, is authority on all matters. To you it may just be one of many Holy Books, but there is much wisdom, especially on virtue and how to be a good person in there. Definitely worth a look, b/c if you believe in good ruling the Universe, the higher power(s) will reward you for your righteousness and good deeds. God bless,

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