Try this: Offer your best to the LORD

Why did Abel please GOD and Cain not so much? Remember the standards for the sacrifices to the temple? I’ve seen people give their parents and grandparents their junk. Donating to non-profits often means throwing them the things you don’t really want or need anymore. But,

This is NOT acceptable to the LORD.

He is kind, so he takes everything,

But we must RECOGNIZE that as He HimSELF says, “I AM a GREAT KING”. And thus, when we approach him, and we feel led to: WE CAN HONOR HIM WITH OUR BEST.

DO THIS, and you will see Him pour blessings after blessings onto you, so that you cannot take it. You will be overflowed and you WILL CRY. That is the essence of the message of Malachi. Not that you have to give more and more to a pastor. But that you have to treat your GOD as such, give Him the HONOR He is due.

God bless,

So Who Did Cain Marry?

There was confusion when I started as a Christian as to the origins of people. This is going to go fast, so please stay with. GOD created people (two kinds of people – man and man’kind’). Read Genesis carefully. Man (Adam and Eve ‘the sons of GOD’), He created on the Third Day, Mankind he created on the sixth day after the wild animals and livestock. Alpha and Omega? What does this mean? GOD has always intermarried ‘His’ kind with his kind? He always tried to bring up mankind by allow His children to join mankind and His Spirit to spread. The sons of GOD seem to be less, and mankind a lot. So GOD’s children always had a lot of choice. The sons of GOD follow a lineage (father to son – as Highlander says there can only be one). In every GODly family, there is only 1 heir to which and from which the GODly line continues. More on this later, God bless,

Hot off the press: Don’t eat yeast,

Why did G-d, or GOD tell the Israelites to NOT eat yeast – i.e. – the Feast of Unleavened Bread (after Passover)? Was it only a metaphor for not sinning after the slaying of the Sacrificial Lamb? No…it was also a literal meaning that for a healthy body, we should avoid eating foods that contain yeast. This includes yes, Beer and Wine. Ugh.

It is best to master these food dietary things, but if possible just minimize. Another tip GOD gave us was to not mix the blood of a sacrifice with yeast. We are to be living sacrifices of GOD’s righteousness and might, so we shouldn’t eat yeast – thereby not mixing yeast with our blood? Get it?

Why not eat yeast? It is a health thing. Yeast is a microbe and it is possibly unhealthy for our bodies. In small amounts, it is not a large threat, but over time, it may lead to the development of diseases and sicknesses.

GOD wants men!

When you visit a church, mostly you see women. Why? Because the format of a church service is a pattern that is repeated over and over – duplicated, reused, and I say – it’s getting old. Church services are NOT appealing to the mass or to men. Singing, reading, being inside, that’s not really exciting stuff. So how do you get guys involved in church? Church has to change, but mostly it has to have all types in order to have reach out to all types. Break the mold, and allow the Holy Spirit to run all over the place. Allow the Spirit to create,

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Are we so macho, such ‘chauvanistics’, that we cannot see that there MUST be a female part of the GODHEAD? We (man or man and woman) were create in GOD’s image, so GOD must be male and female; and GOD must be able to have family, i.e. have Sons AND Daughters. But why is GOD presented as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? As usual the female counterparts are protected, so they are not ‘out in front’, so to speak. There are other ways to use the word Holy Spirit to referred to other members, agents of GOD. The word can also be used to refer to the actual virtues or character traits of a child of GOD. But, the one we hardly ever think of is that the Holy Spirit is the female – the Heavenly Mother or Daughter. God bless,

Jesus Christ, the Ever Loving – The Great Love

How did Jesus disarm the powers and authorities? as said in Colossians 2:15? Most people picture a conquering King kicking ass and taking names. But not one so aggressive, as one fairly acquainted with the Ways of Christ. I say, He LOVED the demons and devils to the point, they just put down their weapons, b/c they were filled with love FOR the Christ. Maybe He died for them too?

This is not to say that Jesus the Christ is soft. No, He is more than more than poweful. But the only way to change and aid in the change in the hearts of people, is to melt their hearts. To ‘break’ their hearts of stone. To make them cry, which is the way hurt and sin is released.

Imagine if you will a demon hissing with the sharp teeth, forked tongue, crazy eyes, horns, lizard wings, forked tale – all black and holding weapons in each hands. Fearsome, no? But then Jesus comes and feeds them, clothes them, talks w/ them, cares for them, dies for them, and hugs them and loves them. They eventually just love Jesus back, and put their own weapons down. What more are demons than Angels gone bad? And what more are bad people (prisoners, murderers, rapists, conmen, etc.) than good people gone bad. They need outreach, and they need prayer. Mostly they need to find a way to connect to the Everlasting to Everlasting GOD, the LORD Jesus Christ. But you are here to be his hands, to reach out when given the opportunity. Be prayerful, and love those GOD puts around you,

God bless,

Go First,

Today GOD was telling me in my heart to go see my Grandfather in prison, I mean in the Nursing Home. I saw him over Easter, and my mom was telling me that he was very happy to see me and my little boy. So, after that I resolved to visit him regularly. But, I am still uncomfortable about hanging w/ my grandpa. He’s almost 98, doesn’t have teeth, and I don’t know what to say to him sometimes.

I was supposed to do at 10am, and I rested. When it was about 1 or 2pm, my friend/boss Albert called for a meeting. I knew that was GOD getting me out of the house. I figured I could go to the Nursing Home after the meeting. It was about 4:30pm, when done with the meeting. I got the nursing home, and when I stopped the engine, GOD whispered to me and reminded me that my mom said,”Is anyone playing the piano here”, when we came for Easter. So, I had my piano books in the car (I play piano for church), and took them in.

When I got in there, my grandpa was right there in the inside foyer. I talked w/ him briefly, handed him a magazine, and asked if I could play piano. Before dinner, the seniors are wheeled (wheelchairs) into the foyer for air and some guitar music. They hire a guy to help push and other things probably, and he played guitar too. The Sister sitting there happened to be looking at a hymn book as I approached. I introduced myself and asked if I could play the piano. She said yes, and I noticed the guy had a guitar. So, I offered to follow his lead in playing. It was my first time playing backup to a guitar lead. It was cool to play in a ‘band’.

After he stopped, I played a few songs and then it was dinner time. So, I wheeled my grandpa into the dining room. I could tell he was the envy of the other seniors. Seniors are often neglected, badly neglected in there. Their family doesn’t come to visit very often. I could tell the staff there wasn’t used to me, so I decided to leave quickly. I hugged my grandpa and told him I’d be back regularly.

This is a story of just GOING when GOD tells you to. Often he will fill in the details later. Just trust in Him, and go step by step. You don’t need to know everything to go, and to work, and to do. Just trust Him. Step by step. GOD bless,