Jesus Christ, the Ever Loving – The Great Love

How did Jesus disarm the powers and authorities? as said in Colossians 2:15? Most people picture a conquering King kicking ass and taking names. But not one so aggressive, as one fairly acquainted with the Ways of Christ. I say, He LOVED the demons and devils to the point, they just put down their weapons, b/c they were filled with love FOR the Christ. Maybe He died for them too?

This is not to say that Jesus the Christ is soft. No, He is more than more than poweful. But the only way to change and aid in the change in the hearts of people, is to melt their hearts. To ‘break’ their hearts of stone. To make them cry, which is the way hurt and sin is released.

Imagine if you will a demon hissing with the sharp teeth, forked tongue, crazy eyes, horns, lizard wings, forked tale – all black and holding weapons in each hands. Fearsome, no? But then Jesus comes and feeds them, clothes them, talks w/ them, cares for them, dies for them, and hugs them and loves them. They eventually just love Jesus back, and put their own weapons down. What more are demons than Angels gone bad? And what more are bad people (prisoners, murderers, rapists, conmen, etc.) than good people gone bad. They need outreach, and they need prayer. Mostly they need to find a way to connect to the Everlasting to Everlasting GOD, the LORD Jesus Christ. But you are here to be his hands, to reach out when given the opportunity. Be prayerful, and love those GOD puts around you,

God bless,

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