So Who Did Cain Marry?

There was confusion when I started as a Christian as to the origins of people. This is going to go fast, so please stay with. GOD created people (two kinds of people – man and man’kind’). Read Genesis carefully. Man (Adam and Eve ‘the sons of GOD’), He created on the Third Day, Mankind he created on the sixth day after the wild animals and livestock. Alpha and Omega? What does this mean? GOD has always intermarried ‘His’ kind with his kind? He always tried to bring up mankind by allow His children to join mankind and His Spirit to spread. The sons of GOD seem to be less, and mankind a lot. So GOD’s children always had a lot of choice. The sons of GOD follow a lineage (father to son – as Highlander says there can only be one). In every GODly family, there is only 1 heir to which and from which the GODly line continues. More on this later, God bless,

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