The Spirit of the HO,

What I’ve been doing lately is SIMPLIFYING my life. I believe that just as we’ve heard of a spirit of Opression, spirit of Poverty, spirit of Suicide, … there is a spirit of the Ho or Harlot. It is basically wanting too many things, wanting to do too many things, for the sake of money or getting rich. It can be subtle, or it can be quite dramatic within a person. I admit, I have this spirit. But with GOD’s help I will overcome.

I have not the success I want, but I think it’s because I change my mind a lot and do too many types of things. This is akin to a woman or man who jumps from one person to another because things are not perfect, or that the money is not good enough, or better somewhere else. As a married person, I have come to realize that quality and true riches are in a genuine and committed relationship to my wife. Things just keep getting better because we stay together and depend and follow the LORD.

So what I’m trying to do is simplify my life, to listen to the ones the LORD puts around me to guide me. I’m trying to be content with what the LORD gives, and not always trying to get a little more. I’m currently just a property manager and doing a little farming. I have so many interests, and those will have to sit on the shelf.

I see this on Guam too. I’ve heard so many businessmen say that in order to survive on Guam, one has to be in many businesses because the market is small. I’m not sure about that, it could be a case of the spirit of the ho. Afterall, on Guam, we do see this also reflected in the large number of teenage pregnancies, child support cases, etc.

Let’s strive for simplicity, contentment, and being true to ourselves. I’m trying this, and will be reporting on the results soon.

Be blessed this week,

Learn to DO RIGHT,

I’m approaching forty. I’ve had the chance to observe behavior of GOD’s kids as they grow. What I have to share today is that = GOD’s children, as in the book of James, need to be doers of the WORD not merely hearers.

Allow me to expand on this. Everyone knows how to lose weight. Basically eat right and move your body. But, many people don’t do these things. They’d rather be talked into believing there are easy ways out.

It’s the same with disease. The Bible infers that disease is caused by disobedience to GOD’s Word, uncleanness (spiritual and physical), and eating the wrong things.

As I get older, observe those in my charge, I’m seeing that doing right is more than knowing right. It is making the choice and following through. It is agreeing with GOD’s Words. It is having the fortitude and power to consistently do the right thing. And it is also leading others to do right, and being strong for other people because you care.

Those who know me and have met me. Know that I am overweight. I’ve since started fasting, eating veg, drinking water, and working outside, and exercising. A post on my progress will be coming soon. Thanks,

The LORD’S Supper, the Ultimate GROSS OUT,

Guys burt, fart, and vomit, and it’s funny. Or it’s gross, depending on your point of view. But, what does the LORD’s Supper remind me of? If you have been confused by it, tested by it, maybe that’s the way we should think about it. Hear of hazing? At fraternities or initiation rites, that’s in my humble opinion what the LORD’s Supper is. It’s funny, it’s thought provoking, and believe it or not. I believe that most likely the LORD was a vegetarian but He ate everything in order that He might not offend anyone. For it is clear that in the beginning, GOD create man and woman to be one flesh, but he also created the seed bearing plants, green plants for food for all, including the animals. Where we ever got the idea to eat animals is beyond me. But we do.

So what’s my point? Remember after feeding the five thousand? The LORD said my flesh and blood are real food and that is a parable. The LORD spoke parables to those who did not believe in Him, but rather would use Him. Those who rejected Him. Fear not, if you love Him and follow Him sincerely, but do not understand and do not keep His commands – yet, you are under no judgement. But rewards are for those who follow AND obey.

Immediately after He said to people to eat his flesh and drink His blood, the LORD said His WORDS ARE SPIRITUAL and LIFE. It is the Spirit and the Obedience to HIS WORD that gives TRUE LIFE, not flesh and blood. I pray you see and hear,

So when I’m taking the LORD’s Supper in it’s current rite, what do I think? I’m not thinking that the bread is the flesh of the LORD, and not the wine is the blood of the LORD. I’m thinking…of the meaning of it all. As we the church members eat together, we are the body, the family of GOD. This was only made possible through the blood, the sacrifice of the LORD Jesus. It’s seems simple, but most truth is simple. They build on each other and it can seem complex, but it’s really not.

Be blessed this week,