Learn to DO RIGHT,

I’m approaching forty. I’ve had the chance to observe behavior of GOD’s kids as they grow. What I have to share today is that = GOD’s children, as in the book of James, need to be doers of the WORD not merely hearers.

Allow me to expand on this. Everyone knows how to lose weight. Basically eat right and move your body. But, many people don’t do these things. They’d rather be talked into believing there are easy ways out.

It’s the same with disease. The Bible infers that disease is caused by disobedience to GOD’s Word, uncleanness (spiritual and physical), and eating the wrong things.

As I get older, observe those in my charge, I’m seeing that doing right is more than knowing right. It is making the choice and following through. It is agreeing with GOD’s Words. It is having the fortitude and power to consistently do the right thing. And it is also leading others to do right, and being strong for other people because you care.

Those who know me and have met me. Know that I am overweight. I’ve since started fasting, eating veg, drinking water, and working outside, and exercising. A post on my progress will be coming soon. Thanks,

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