“I am the Metatron, buzz, buzz, buzz”

Remember the Metatron in Jay and Silent Bob’s DOGMA? The movie? At first, I remember thinking, who is the Metatron? I never heard of him. Is that made up by Kevin Smith? Well, he’s not made up but start reading Jewish text and you will hear about him a lot. He is said to be Enoch, he who walked with GOD, and then GOD took him…Metatron is said to occupy such a high position, over the Angels, and that he is confused with GOD Himself? Well, GOD said in the 2 Book of Enoch that Metatron is placed in his position to speak for GOD to the Heavenlies. What a blessing, blessed be the LORD! And it is also said that the Metatron is the youth. Just as Samuel was the youth serving in the Temple, guarding the temple, living in the Temple. The Metatron is the protector of the Supernal Tabernacle, the One in which the LORD Yeshua serves as High Priest. It’s the highest Tabernacle. Every heaven has one. Why am I talking about Metatron? Why don’t I just harp on about Jesus, Jesus. No offense. There is nothing wrong with knowing other members of GOD’s family, just as it’s good to meet other true brothers and sister at church. It is not angel worship, it is just knowing. And knowing is half the battle, as GI Joe says.

I believe that the early Fathers limited the Trinity to three, not that people only could count that high, but because of the tendency of whom they were writing to – to fall into idolatry and confusion. Those of us, who have not that problem, should be careful not to criticize others. But be understanding of other faiths. Only GOD can really see into the hearts of others, we can try to look for potential landmines, but who gives us spiritual authority over others anyways? I always try to serve and not over step boundaries. It is best to be asked for help. But life is not so easy, sometimes we have to take leadership roles and be strong FOR others, when we know what is the right thing to do.

God bless,

Jesus the Dead Guy on the Cross,

One time, I was giving a mentally challenged guy a lift home, b/c he asked. And I really had no reason to say no. I was bigger than him, so I had no reason to fear him. I was driving a Lexus, so money shouldn’t be the problem. So, Mr. Toves got a free ride from me that day.

This guy jokingly told me he knew Jesus, He’s that guy on the cross. I laughed. But now, I realized, in this moment, as I’m writing this. We don’t really know the LORD Jesus. We know about the guy who came as a sacrifice, the GOD-Man, Jesus Christ – who lived at 777 Heavenly Lane, in Israel. But, do we really know who this King of King of Kings is? Who is this LORD of all LORD of all LORDS? We see a dead guy on the cross, and feel guilty and throw in our 5, 10 dollars, painfully sing a few songs, and go home feeling a little better about ourselves.

Life is more than that, my friends. If you have the faith to receive total forgiveness from the LORD, if in your heart you have the love for Him, but don’t really know what’s going on. Just cling to Him the best you can. Be faithful to Him. But, as someone told me. Love the LORD with all your mind too. Daddy and Mommy are not just parental units there to provide you and wipe your ass. There is a history there, they are people with distinct personalities, and ways of doing things. So it is with GOD, if I may say that way. He is there to be discovered. An He is infinite, so if you like endurance, if you like things that go – like long dramas or soap opera shows, then get into GOD. There is more and more to know about this guy. He is really interesting.

I realized today, that although we have saying from Chrsit, via the Gospels. We don’t really KNOW the Christ. We don’t really know the WORD or LOGOS. Where is He in the Bible? Can someone tell me that? What did He do? Was He the Warrior? Is Christ the Son, the War-Like One? Maybe. What do you think? He created everything, through Him, everything was created. What does that mean? Does that mean He create the AlphaBet? He created thought and language? and then through that? Through that He and the Angels, and maybe the first Adam spoke things and created things? What can someone tell me about the Spirit who dwelled in the LORD Jesus Christ?

Haunted by Sins of the Past,

Have you done gay or lesbian shit, and now regret it? Well, first of all, it happens more often than you think. More of us have backgrounds of paganism, polytheism, idol worship – and as the LORD decreed, curses for being unfaithful to Him extend to the third or fourth generations. So, if you or if someone like you (meaning your ancestors) worshiped the false gods, then you need to count. How many generations have we been going the right way? If you are the third, then with a push. With some of GOD’s favor, you are in the clear. And that’s probably why you are reading this right now. Divine justice is justice. And more often than not, as horrible and terrifying the wrapping and costumes are, we get what we deserve. For GOD is never mocked. His mighty Angels always carry out His justice swiftly. I have overcome. How did I?

It took time. After I was called by the LORD. I served Him in suffering and humility for 7 years. It was my time of service. At the end of the 7 years, I had the choice of going back to the world, or staying with my new found life and LORD. I’m no idiot. After tasting the life, although not easy, with the honesty, truth, love, peace, meaning, everything I needed or wanted, the healing, the learning, the work, the victories, the accomplishments, I would never return back the life of the normal, everyday person in the world.

My wife knows. Actually, when you meet people, they although not always consciously, know how you might have fell. That’s because there is spiritual forces there. But, I never needed to share that with her. Because I never wanted to keep what happened. But would rather be helpful to others who struggle in the same way. To the many, many, many out there, no pun intended. The first step is to know that according to Romans, sexual perversion comes first, then being totally given over to depravity. The majority of the world is depraved. So it follows in reverse, that mostly they have all fallen in the arena of sexuality. So you really, are not alone in your pain.

You can say,” So?!, it’s common. It happens to everybody.”

A next step, in your recovery, is to submit to GOD and admit your unfaithfulness – personally and ancestrally. You can declare BOLDLY in prayer – that YOUR HOUSEHOLD WILL SERVE THE LORD. IT is the LORD that blesses and keeps us. Without His Love, Mercy, Faithfulness, we would not be able to response in kind. It depends mostly on Him.

We must accept any deriding, teasing, insensitivites, as deserved punishments. Don’t let your perceptions of attack on that falling of yours move you to anger or bitterness. But accept it as two things perhaps: 1) Verbal teasing for your act of sin. So you will not do it again. It may help to say in your heart, that you’re sorry for doing that, I won’t do that again with the LORD’s help. LORD don’t let that happen to me again, please! 2) It is the rubbing of salt into your wound to cleanse and to toughen you up. A little teasing never really hurt anybody. If you can take it, maybe the LORD will take you to more important and difficult assignments.

Slowly, the teasing, the perceived insults, they will go away. There will be times of peace. And then they might come back again. They are actually spirits. They are either evil spirits, the sons and daughters of the Watchers or they are the Dark Angels themselves. Either way, be of good courage – both are under the LORD, and serve His purposes. They may be ‘evil’ and scary and dark, but they are helping to ‘whip’ you into shape.

It doesn’t help the healing to get mad, defensive, or hateful about what happened. It will make things worse on you, and you might even fall in the same way again. It is best to express love and to continually demonstrate that you know it was wrong for you. In my case, I paid my debt. I did my best. The LORD healed me, I’m even starting to forget kind of. The LORD is so very good. It just takes some time. You have to keep going the right way, stay in the right attitude, and keep working. The LORD is good, and He took me out of it. And soon after a break, I know that I will be able to help those who are struggling with the same thing, in a greater way. Keep the love and don’t be so sad. Because although it seems GOD is harsh, He really is the Master, and our Father, and He knows best. Praying for you…

No Such Thing As Time

A friend in High School, told me that. To which, I blankly stared. A few days ago, I finally grasped that concept – that there really isn’t anything such as time – only the movements of things. I happily told my wife my revelation, but she just gave me a ‘you’re stupid’ look. Ha-ha.

Allow me to explain. We USE time to help us stay productive and know when to do certain things – like celebrate Christmas. My whole realization came about after months of trying to figure out how to tell time without any watch, calendar, or any aid. I realized from Bible Scripture it is possible, although I haven’t figured it totally. GOD put the Sun, Moon, and stars there to help us know when it is. Even what YEAR it is.

Remember in the story of Joshua, how he needed more time to win a battle, and GOD made the Sun stand still? Well, time is really just what position or movements the celestial bodies are in and what position and movement we are in. That’s all, something to think about?

The 24 Elders in Heaven – Who are they? Preanswer

I say preanswer, b/c this is in my humble opinion not a complete answer. In my studies of Jewish Bible Literature, after the flood, Shem, Ham, and Japeth – the sons of Noah, dividied up the earth. Shem got the best (middle part – where Jerusalem is) and largest part. Ham got the worst, b/c he derided his father, Noah and thus got cursed. And Japeth got a goodly portion as well. The reason, if you may have wondered, why Israel is locked in an all-out drag-out/knock-out turf war is b/c the Caananities, Jebusites, Hittites whom Israel drove out of the land in order to claim it were the descendents of Ham. So according to that, they were not in their own territory. When GOD gave the land to the children of Abraham He was just taking back what was taken from the rightful tenants of the land.

Okay, moving forward a heap – the 24 Elders, I believe, at this point, erhm, ARE…the 24 Sons of Shem that ‘lord’ (I use that term lightly), over the land spanning the globe. Each Elder is lord of 1000 miles wide of land (which is why the earth is 24,000 some miles in circumference. In Revelations 5 or 6? They surround the LORD MOST HIGH, like a clock, because as the earth rotates, and the sun starts off the new day, they are prompted each hour by the Cherubim to praise the LORD MOST HIGH, blessed be His Name, on earth, so that the LORD MOST HIGH is praise forever and continually day and night!

The Meaning of It All!?

I asked the LORD, what is the meaning of it all? The answer came back, it is whatever meaning you want it to be. People need to have meaning in their lives, and GOD always supplies those that ask with answers. No one’s answer is better than anyone else’s but hopefully it is good enough for that person. Maybe we’re not smart enough to understand it all, but it is good to know that our GOD is good, He loves us, and that although we cannot see Him/Her, they are watching over us, carefully and lovingly.

The Meaning of Words, The Real Meaning of Words

What is lack of communication? Honest communication comes from the heart, for sure. But, a failure to communicate often stems from different understanding of the meaning of words. People more schooled in literature have a better concept of what words (the letters and sound) mean. But in this upside down world, where everything is almost upside down from reality as GOD intended (as the St. Peter demonstrated), how do we know what words really mean? One way is to read the Bible. For the author of life is also the author of all languages – and it is He that assigns meaning to words. Today’s lesson – humility.

Every good person wants to be humility. We’ve even heard of false humility. We even know humble posture to be head down, shoulders relaxed, hands soft and folded, etc.

But if we look at Numbers 12, where Miriam and Aaron talk bad about Moses. Then there it says now Moses was the most humble person on the earth. That says to me that talking bad, being hurtful and malicious in our words as well as with our acts is NOT being humble. We can demonstrate true humility by speaking well of others, and limiting how we and why we speak ill of others.

The Image of GOD

Another very powerful things about being man. Issac said, “Cease and desist from the image of GOD!”, and the angels obeyed. When GOD created man, according to the Jewish Haggadah (Legends), GOD bade Satan to bow to man, when he did not it resulted in a contest, and then to the fall of Satan. Something about being the image of GOD made man although much, much LESS poweful, intelligent, beautiful, and much, much lower than the angels superior to them. And that is being the image of GOD. What does that mean? It could mean a few things. It could mean there is something in us that is the SEED of GOD. It could mean that we resemble HIM in character more closely. It could mean that we are Sons and not merely Servants of GOD. Something to think about? Hmmm.

The Truth of the Adversary (theory)

Why do we have enemies? Why does GOD allow it? Was the story of the Fall very, very terrible? Yes, we hear laments and blame that if Adam and Eve did not fall, we would so and so. But is it possible that it was planned by GOD to happen that way? Afterall, if GOD has written history already, then we in general unfold and participate. As free people, we have choice and can add to the tree, but mostly as Scripture says it is all for His purposes. Enemies (can be done in a friendly way or not), but they serve to mature and improve a person. If Superman didn’t have Lex Luthor challenging him, he wouldn’t get smarter. If Batman didn’t have the Joker challenging him, he would have stayed a humorless, killjoy, millionaire spoiled person. Adversaires are also our matches. We don’t find people who are our ‘equals’ a threat or intimidating, b/c they are just about where we are in life, and that helps us to struggle with them – as iron sharpens iron.

Working and Trading

I realized today that we all live by the rules of GOD. Wisdom and Truth is what we need. If we want to eat FOOD, then we need to work. Work as defined in the Bible is to work the ground, and in be a farmer. But why can’t we all be farmers these days? Truthfully, many, many people are quote on quote slaves. We don’t own any land, we don’t own the cars and houses but the loans to repay. We in reality HAVE nothing. So materials are not bad afterall, but are part of the very definition of freedom and blessing. So if you own land, there is a responsibility on you now, that you’ve read this to grow your own food. If you have not the ability or inkling, then that’s something. But being able to grow your own food would afford you the benefits of healthier organic foods at lower cost, exercise (no going to the gym), health (more time in the air, sun, water, near the earth), among other things.

If you need other things like clothes, money, etc. Then they have to be TRADED. You have to take something you own or ‘own’, and convert it/exchange it with someone else for something else.

That’s my lesson for today. Be blessed and whole! In GOD’s love,