The Truth of the Adversary (theory)

Why do we have enemies? Why does GOD allow it? Was the story of the Fall very, very terrible? Yes, we hear laments and blame that if Adam and Eve did not fall, we would so and so. But is it possible that it was planned by GOD to happen that way? Afterall, if GOD has written history already, then we in general unfold and participate. As free people, we have choice and can add to the tree, but mostly as Scripture says it is all for His purposes. Enemies (can be done in a friendly way or not), but they serve to mature and improve a person. If Superman didn’t have Lex Luthor challenging him, he wouldn’t get smarter. If Batman didn’t have the Joker challenging him, he would have stayed a humorless, killjoy, millionaire spoiled person. Adversaires are also our matches. We don’t find people who are our ‘equals’ a threat or intimidating, b/c they are just about where we are in life, and that helps us to struggle with them – as iron sharpens iron.

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