The Image of GOD

Another very powerful things about being man. Issac said, “Cease and desist from the image of GOD!”, and the angels obeyed. When GOD created man, according to the Jewish Haggadah (Legends), GOD bade Satan to bow to man, when he did not it resulted in a contest, and then to the fall of Satan. Something about being the image of GOD made man although much, much LESS poweful, intelligent, beautiful, and much, much lower than the angels superior to them. And that is being the image of GOD. What does that mean? It could mean a few things. It could mean there is something in us that is the SEED of GOD. It could mean that we resemble HIM in character more closely. It could mean that we are Sons and not merely Servants of GOD. Something to think about? Hmmm.

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