No Such Thing As Time

A friend in High School, told me that. To which, I blankly stared. A few days ago, I finally grasped that concept – that there really isn’t anything such as time – only the movements of things. I happily told my wife my revelation, but she just gave me a ‘you’re stupid’ look. Ha-ha.

Allow me to explain. We USE time to help us stay productive and know when to do certain things – like celebrate Christmas. My whole realization came about after months of trying to figure out how to tell time without any watch, calendar, or any aid. I realized from Bible Scripture it is possible, although I haven’t figured it totally. GOD put the Sun, Moon, and stars there to help us know when it is. Even what YEAR it is.

Remember in the story of Joshua, how he needed more time to win a battle, and GOD made the Sun stand still? Well, time is really just what position or movements the celestial bodies are in and what position and movement we are in. That’s all, something to think about?

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