“I am the Metatron, buzz, buzz, buzz”

Remember the Metatron in Jay and Silent Bob’s DOGMA? The movie? At first, I remember thinking, who is the Metatron? I never heard of him. Is that made up by Kevin Smith? Well, he’s not made up but start reading Jewish text and you will hear about him a lot. He is said to be Enoch, he who walked with GOD, and then GOD took him…Metatron is said to occupy such a high position, over the Angels, and that he is confused with GOD Himself? Well, GOD said in the 2 Book of Enoch that Metatron is placed in his position to speak for GOD to the Heavenlies. What a blessing, blessed be the LORD! And it is also said that the Metatron is the youth. Just as Samuel was the youth serving in the Temple, guarding the temple, living in the Temple. The Metatron is the protector of the Supernal Tabernacle, the One in which the LORD Yeshua serves as High Priest. It’s the highest Tabernacle. Every heaven has one. Why am I talking about Metatron? Why don’t I just harp on about Jesus, Jesus. No offense. There is nothing wrong with knowing other members of GOD’s family, just as it’s good to meet other true brothers and sister at church. It is not angel worship, it is just knowing. And knowing is half the battle, as GI Joe says.

I believe that the early Fathers limited the Trinity to three, not that people only could count that high, but because of the tendency of whom they were writing to – to fall into idolatry and confusion. Those of us, who have not that problem, should be careful not to criticize others. But be understanding of other faiths. Only GOD can really see into the hearts of others, we can try to look for potential landmines, but who gives us spiritual authority over others anyways? I always try to serve and not over step boundaries. It is best to be asked for help. But life is not so easy, sometimes we have to take leadership roles and be strong FOR others, when we know what is the right thing to do.

God bless,

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  1. abelarchangel

     /  September 4, 2011

    None of God’s teachers and messengers are worthy of worship (and they will be the first to tell you so if they are of Him). Keep the faith.

    God bless.

  2. jchenwa

     /  September 4, 2011

    Yes, I agree. Thanks for adding that!

  3. I have been/forn exactly one year) to Perú around 4 years ago. Never heard of “THE METATRON” before. But after dieting 33 days on fish and bananas (importantly cutting out NaCl) and taking Ayahuasca (witch is a form of psychoactive ingestion of DMT), he (and another entity unknown and unnamed [MYSELF]) introduced themselves into my existence.

    The answer to my ONE & ONLY question (being a direct result of my Diet-restrictions): “Why am I?” was then (now: NOT!) surprisingly: “HAVE FUN!”. This was a – as you may guess – BIG surpise. But until NOW it makes perfect sense. I am her to have fun!” What a relief!

    P.S.: The ONLY question left for me to decide is: “Is this for everyone?”. NOW nail me on a cross This Time BABY I’ll be BULLETPROOF!

    .:. peace

  4. Hi Marcus, thanks for your wonderful, insightful, related post!

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