The Movie Priest,

In the movie, Priest, we see priests as warriors. That is not far from the truth. Maybe you didn’t know that Levi, from whom the priesthood sprouted, was the most fierce warrior out of the 12 sons of Yakov, Israel, the blessed. The Levites who surrounded the Tabernacle, were the only ones allowed to handle the sacred items, but they are also protection, to protect the sanctity of the Tabernacle and those things, which actually are that of the Shekinah. Who is the Glory of GOD? That’s to be thought about, prayed about, and we’ll discuss later. Just a hint, she is very, very sacred.

Priests are not soft cloth wearing soft people. Yes, we are to have soft hearts toward GOD and the things of GOD, but a good portion of priests are indeed warriors. Let’s please not forget that.

Now we’re getting into some touchy material. Who were the ones, the knights if you will, who were willing to stand up for the honor of the Holy Mother? They were the Levites and they were rewarded with the priesthood. Did you ever notice that some behavior, manly behavior, is reprehensible to the female sensibility? The main one is unfaithfulness. That’s a big turn-off. What if I told you, your mother loved you so much, that she was willing to be a fugitive with you. What if I told you your mother was willing to suffer in the mud with you, when you were thrown out of the heavenlies into the mud, the ‘gutter’ if you will of earth? Isn’t that just like mothers to love so much, to sacrifice so much? And if all of this wasn’t enough, what if you made the mistake of insulting your mother by denying her and naming someone much lower, not even close to being worthy, as your mother – because. Something to think about?

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