A New Understanding of Death

So is GOD still untruth? The Old Testament says that for doing this sin and that sin, we will be put to death. Yet we live. Adam and Eve were to die after eating the fruit, and then didn’t – didn’t Adam live almost a thousand years?

But he did die. And we all do. Having a new understanding of death, requires a understanding of life. Life is not just sustanence, all yummy and full of nutrition. The angels don’t eat, yet they are more alive in many ways than we are. Life is a full concept, difficult to grasp, and we learn life by following GOD’s commandments. By following His commandments, we enter life, we know what it is to truly live.

Often, we try to define life ourselves, but fall very short b/c we often limit ourselves. To one, life is all about money and having a great lifestyle. That is part of it, but without following a moral code, one will not please GOD who has rules for conduct. One thinks life is about wisdom. One thinks life is about strength and power. All are correct, for the nature of truth is that noone has it. Only GOD, we all share the truth and together we have the truth. It may be a long way, before we see that in reality.

I’m not saying I understand life and can explain life to you, but life is best learned by following the Author of Life, the LORD Jesus Christ, in whom dwelled GOD, the Creator of All. He was-is the Messiah and can explain all.

God bless,

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