My need to be married, before GOD’s need..

When I married my wife, as glorious as it was, I received an rebuke from my pastor. He said that I put my need to get married before GOD’s need. After that I took that to mean, that I married one that is not of the LORD. That was true somewhat, but I believe GOD’s seeds were planted well before I met my wife. She was not happy b/c of a life was not fair and did not treat her well.

What does GOD need? It’s not really a need, but it is for the sake of humanity. We see in Scripture that it is through the righteous that all are blessed. And especially through the work of the LORD Jesus Christ! How great was His sacrifice and work, blessed be He forever and forever!

Why do things go wrong. I’ll be bold to say, the economy that is becoming worse on the earth, although we’re still doing fine through the blessings of GOD, is because mankind is becoming increasingly wicked. When mankind is not good, blessings are not able to flow from above to here, below.

So you little ones in the LORD, know how important you are to life on this planet. You sometimes may feel like you don’t serve an important role, but just by being who you are (a righteousness of the LORD), you DO serve an important role of holding back the LORD’s judgements on the earth, you serve to receive bad things (as the bad also receive good things), and you are a conduit of the LORD’s blessing on this earth. Be happy, b/c you are VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

May GOD bless richly and abundantly,

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