Who is the ONLY, TRUE KING?

It is GOD. And since we don’t can (Chinese English) follow a unseen GOD, our Father, Creator GOD has given us a GOD-King we can see and know – the LORD Almighty El Shaddai, Jesus Christ!!!

I have a vision of the past, where everyone has their land, they work it for it can produce everything they need, and they live quiet lives and worship the LORD. When they need to get together, they gather to worship and discuss peaceably things of community. The Spirit of the LORD would guide everyone, and all, and that’s Utopia.

But, there is a better Utopia coming, the New Heavens and the New Earth, with the King we always wanted – the LORD.

Why have things gotten this way? It is because we, the common people, don’t know how to manage our lives, really. 99% of the world, doesn’t even eat right.
But don’t fret, b/v we have an exceedingly GREAT and LOVING GOD. He always takes care of us. The great scare tactic of the enemy is just that. To unnerve us.

The LORD is the POWER, He is LOVE, and you are His CHILD,

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  1. Great words friend. God bless and thank you.

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